In Too Deep (Tori Carrington) – Conclusion

After the strong (bad) opening, In Too Deep went on to be rather mediocre, which is kind of sad. The story was too predictable and a little hurried, the resolution a little too quick. [I’ve been telling myself for 10 years that I can’t stay in one place for long, but I can change that behaviour in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee? Yeah, right.]

But the most delicious thing about it were the clichés. There’s something you can really sink your teeth into.

Open Questions

If they don’t make a pregnancy scare thing out of it, why the hell was the unprotected sex necessary?
What happened to the neighbor and will she ever learn that Elvis is, in fact, a pig?
Will Newerth ever find the courage to tell his boss that he would like to go home to see his grandson?

Eternal Truths Learned

Getting drunk breaks down class barriers and thus helps the communists win.
To show you really mean it, plant a plant in your lover’s garden!
Epiphanies will happen through random strangers at truck stop diners. If you seek enlightenment, spend all your time there.
Alcoholism is strongly hereditary.

As usual, you’re very welcome to add to this list in the comment section.


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