In Too Deep (Tori Carrington) – Chapter Eight

4 hours after the events in the last chapter, Alannah is sitting in a diner waiting for her bus (going to Denver, as she just realizes) to continue driving and for her sense of adventure to return. But she can’t really muster the enthusiasm she usually feels for her new destination.

A woman and her daughter squeeze past her and Alannah has a sudden epiphany:

Alannah felt suddenly dizzy. Could her own actions, moving from place to place, be a manifestation of what she hoped her mother would have done? That even if the three of them had to be constantly on the move, at least her mother would still be alive? That they could have still been a family? [Uhm, you and your sister are a family, aren’t you. That doesn’t change because your parents die.]

Anyway, Alannah decides that she is now strong enough to face her demons after realising she was running from them in the first place.


When Ben wakes up the next morning, the plant is on the windowsill and naked Alannah is in his bed. Yay!

They make out for a while and then it’s time for the heart to heart:

“I got as far as Scranton. I just couldn’t go on.”
He pulled back to stare into her beautiful face. “Why?”
Her smile was happy and sad all at once. “Because I love you,” she whispered so quietly he nearly didn’t hear her. “Because you’re right. I need to stop running. Because when you asked me where home was for me, I wanted to say here.”

Then they make out some more and Alannah confirms that this was “for good.”


The next day, Ben drives home from a meeting and is totally worried that Alannah won’t be there when he gets home. He thinks that this was how it was going to be from now on: He’d always come home worried that Alannah had left.

But when he arrives, he finds Alannah in the garden planting her potted plant. AND I TOTALLY CALLED IT!

Then he led the way to the house that had been turned into a home, Elvis galloping around them.

Have you ever seen a pot bellied pig? No? Let me show you:

Let me tell you this, they don’t do galloping. And even if they did, you really wouldn’t want to have them galloping around you.

Anyway, we leave the three of them galloping into the sunset and finish this story.


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