In Too Deep (Tori Carrington) – Chapter Seven

Alannah had planned to be gone already and is determined to refuse Ben when he shows up. We finally get an explanation on why she’s that on the run:

the only way she could battle the demons was by keeping ceaselessly on the move? That the challenge of finding a place to stay, designing new landscapes, digging her fingers into the rich earth provided her a sense of peace she couldn’t find elsewhere?

While I still don’t understand completely what one thing has to do with the other, I can accept this as Alannah’s coping mechanism.

Anyway. Instead of explaining any of this to Ben [because that would make their relationship easier], she tells him that Elvis is gone. Elvis has left the building, so to say. [Okay, I know that that’s a pathetic crack, but I just couldn’t resist.]

Ben, in all his sensitivity, tells her that he doesn’t care, he’s just happy that she’s here and then doesn’t ask her to stay maybe another couple of weeks or to move in with him. No, he goes right ahead and asks her to marry him. Alannah literally starts wavering:

She wavered on her feet.

Then Newerth bursts in to tell them that Elvis isn’t outside, either but Ben still doesn’t care about the pig, instead tells Newerth to leave them. The butler slinks away.

Finally Alannah tells Ben her answer: No. She can’t. And Ben tells her that this was the last time then that she’d be coming round. They both flinch at that, but it’s said.

Newerth dares to show up again and tells them that the neighbor, Mrs Kindridge, has found Elvis. Alannah says goodbye and that she won’t take Elvis with her because this was the only home he knows. The perfect chance for Ben to become philosophical and rub it in:

Ben cursed under his breath. “And you, Alannah? Where is your home?”

Then Alannah leaves.


Ben looks after her, not feeling the anticipated release at the resolution of their situation. Finally he decides that he’d rather have Alannah and her “gypsy spirit” for only a couple of days a year than not at all.

“Sir?” Newerth said quietly. “Is there anything I can do to help?”
“Get out of my way, man. I’m going after her.” [Does Ben have an aversion against saying other people’s names? Does he generally call them man and woman? What happens when he meets somebody who is neither?]
But when he reached the door and rushed out to the street, she was nowhere to be seen.

On this dramatic note ends the chapter.


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