In Too Deep (Tori Carrington) – Chapter Five

When they’re done sexing, Ben grabs his stuff and practically runs from Alannah.

If she were the sensitive type, she would have been stung by what amounted to his rejection after being so intimate. [Dude, no matter how insensitive you are, when somebody runs away after sleeping with you, I bet you that stings.]

Alannah washes Elvis, then goes into the kitchen to find Newerth there. Who refers to Ben as Master Edwards [of course] who has been called to a meeting. And now Alannah is upset because Ben didn’t say goodbye.

So, in Alannah’s world running after sex is not as bad as not saying goodbye when you have to pop out for an impromptu meeting? Is that only me who finds that weird?

As good butlers do, Newerth (50, widowed, two kids, with Ben for seven years) offers Alannah a cup of tea and then joins her when she asks him to and pours both of them a healthy dose of whiskey into the tea.

Two hours later, they’re completely wasted and Alannah tells Newerth how she should be going but can’t bring herself to and Newerth tells her that it’s the same for him. And in a moment that rivals the emotional tenderness of a Nicholas Sparks novel, …

“You know, I don’t think you’ve ever told me your first name.”
The butler smirked. “Newerth is my Christian name.”
They stared at each other then began laughing, the whiskey having broken down all class barriers.

Oh yes, Carrington went there. Maybe I’ve missed the part where this story is actually happening in 1850. Class barriers. *snort*

Anyway, the moment is over and Newerth gets back to work while Alannah pours herself another drink and calls her little sister Kyra, who works as a bookkeeper in Florida. They catch up for a bit, but when Kyra asks Alannah about Ben, she closes up and instead asks Kyra how she’d like a visit from Alannah.


When Ben returns from the meeting (which wasn’t as unavoidable as Newerth made it out to be), he finds Alannah and the butler still drinking in the kitchen. Alannah offers him to join them, but Newerth rather leaves because of the impropriety of drinking with somebody who is obviously not his class. [Even though she’s the gardener and he’s the butler, which, you know, would be kinda the same classe, if you want to go about it from that end.]

Anyway. Now Ben is being the responsible one (maybe to make up for the fact that he had unprotected sex with her only hourse earlier) and brings Alannah to bed. On the way there, though:

In the upstairs hall, she lost her footing. Ben steadied her against the wall, where she stood silently for long moments, staring at him. She was going to be the end of him, this spirited beauty [seriously?] that drifted in and out of his life like a real-life Persephone emerging from the underworld. [You just had to bring the Greek myths into this, did you?] He watched her lick her lips and then before he knew he was going to do it, he was kissing her. No, he wasn’t merely kissing her. He was devouring her. As if he kissed her long enough, hard enough, she’d agree to his every demand. [Because that’s how it works.]

And finally, Ben gets the words out and asks Alannah to stay. What will her answer be? We’ll know in the next chapter. Probably.


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