In Too Deep (Tori Carrington) – Chapter Four

So, Ben himself was suprised that he asked Alannah to take Elvis with her. He should have just come clean and ended it right there (or do what he actually wants to do, which is ask her to stay). But now he’s waiting for an answer to his question.

Alannah ignores him and walks away, but Ben follows her and then actually says:

“Damn it, woman,” he said, his words harsher than he’d intended. “Talk to me. Say something.”

And that quickly, we’re in the 50s. “Damn it, woman?” Really?

Anyway, Ben urges her to say what she’s thinking (as he has done so, ahem, successfully). She tells him that she can’t take Elvis, as he well knows.

“Do I?” he asked, careful not to make another move for fear that he’d startle her again. [Oh, here we are again: Is this woman a human or a wild animal? Right, she’s a gypsy, so she’s a mix of both and has to be handled with care.] “There seems to be a whole lot I don’t know about you, Alannah. Aside from that you have a magical way with plants. And that every year around this time you pop up for a visit that only leaves me wanting more.” He stared at the ceiling. “I don’t even know where you’re from, for God’s sake. If you have a home there that you go back to when you leave here. A family. Kids.” He met her gaze meaningfully. “Or why you just flinched when I made a quick move.”

Not only did Alannah’s parents die when she was 10, leaving her to bring up her sister and not only was her father an alcoholic (who probably even had a hereditary disease; or else hereditary alcoholism), but Alannah was also abused and has scars all over her body, which Ben knows couldn’t come from an accident [because he is a forensic pathologist? Nah, because everybody knows things like that]. Brilliant.

Alannah tells him that she’s from Johnsontown and hasn’t been there in a while. That she reveals that much personal information (I’m not shitting you) gives Ben reason to hope that she might after all be interested. When she doesn’t go on to tell him more, he asks her what was keeping her from him.

Instead of answering, Alannah kisses Ben and pulls his oxford shirt [of course, since he’s British, he has to be wearing oxford shirts] from his pants. Even though Ben knows that she’s trying to divert him, his dick rules over his head. Ben takes out a condom and gives it to Alannah and they have sex [sadly enough for the purpose of this blog, it’s moderately well-written].

Then two things happened at once: his butler Newerth called out for him, apparently having shown up earlier than expected after his weekend break; and he realized she had never put the condom on him. Nothing separated him from her slick, tight flesh. [That evil, sperm-stealing bitch! But all jokes aside, that is not good behavior – you don’t pretend to use birth control but actually don’t when you’re partner expects you to. That is a major breach of trust.]
He groaned and recklessly surged up into her… [Because pulling out and telling her to quit being stupid, he doesn’t even know if she’s married, what about the STD risk, not to mention pregnancies and then putting on the condom himself is probably too responsible and logical to actually do.]

Who wants to bet that there’s going to be a pregnancy resulting from this?

One wonders why Newerth had to enter the scene at this point. I hope we’ll find out in the next chapter.


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