In Too Deep (Tori Carrington) – Chapter Two

So far, Alannah has come back and Ben told her that they needed to talk.

On the way to Ben, Alannah had already feared that this would be the time that he’d say no.

She had seen it in his eyes the last time she’d left. [It always amazes me what people see in the eyes of other people. Maybe I’m just really a sucker when it comes to facial expressions, let alone ocal expressions, but what I see in other people’s faces are emotions and not something like, “you know, this has been fun for a while, but really, it can’t go on like this.”] That expression that said more than words could, but if the words could be spoken, they would have ended their long-standing spring fling forever. [bzzz-huh? I take it that he just broke up with you through his eyes and yet you still come back?] For the past 11 months she’d worried that he might find the woman who could give him what he wanted, what he needed. That elusive something that she could not provide: permanence, marriage, family. [Oh, very elusive: Didn’t you just nail it in three words?]

So, to avoid being rejected right away, because she really, really likes Ben and wants to know that he likes her, too, Alannah has waited till nightfall, undressed, crawled into Ben’s bed and hoped that his dick would do his thinking for him. [By the way, I find this a deeply disconcerting practice. I mean, okay, they’ve apparently established that it’s okay in their relationship to do that, still… for me, this is not necessarily the best way to go about things. Especially if you think that you’d get kicked out otherwise.]

Ben says again that they needed to talk. Instead, Alannah grabs his dick and then they have sex*, foreplay-is-for-losers style. Seriously, he grabs her breast once while she’s still asleep, then she rubs his dick for a little bit and bam, she’s wet and ready.

*to be honest, this whole thing walks on the thin line between consensual and coerced. On both parts.

At least, people, they actually use a condom!!!!!!!!!111!!!!eleventy!!!!11!

Anyways, between the sex, we get this:

(…) the hard proof of his desire for her. A need that couldn’t be denied by any amount of mental argument. [oh, he has a hard-on! He must want to be with me forever and ever!] A want that not even she could stop herself from wanting. [Clunky much? She wants that want?]

Let’s play the Amazing Euphemism Game!

1. Silken Dome refers to…
a. her breast
b. her ass
c. the head of his dick
d. his ass

2. Knob of Arousal refers to…
a. her clit
b. his dick
c. the door he ties her to
d. her nipple

3. Pearl of Arousal refers to…
a. her clit
b. his dick
c. anal beads
d. her nipple

Answers at the end of this post!

If his lovemaking was a little more thoughtful, gentler, than she remembered, she chose not to acknowledge it. [Sorry, but seriously? Does he always make love the same way, in the same tempo? Where’s the fun in that? It would have been much more elegant, and probably realistic to say, that he took her surprisingly slowly and looked a little thoughtful or something. But that sentence is just weird.]

While they orgasm, it’s the perfect time to get a look at Alannah’s back story! She was poor. Her parents died when she was 10, so she raised her little sister until “child welfare caught up with them.” Which has me thinking – what a shitty system is that? I mean, I know things are different n the US, but usually, when people die, people and authorities notice. And they usually know when there were children and nobody around to take care of them. So, why would she raise her little sister as a ten year old?

Also, in my experience, people who are confronted with such huge responsibilities at a young age are the most responsible, over-cautious people ever and lose most of the free-spiritedness Alannah is supposed to have.

Well, anyway. Their orgasm is a “swirling wash of color.” Isn’t that beautiful?


The next morning they are having breakfast and Alannah feeds Elvis from the table. [By the way, Elvis was a present from Alannah.] When Ben starts to have the talk, Alannah does the old “if I can’t see you, you can’t see me” trick and concentrates completely on Elvis.

The Ben breaks THE RULE! He asks Alannah how long she’ll be staying.

He’d never asked over the course of the past four years. Partly because he’d been afraid she wouldn’t answer. But mostly because he hadn’t wanted to face the truth that she would eventually be leaving. He hadn’t wanted to acknowledge that small, hapless part of him that always hoped she might stay forever this time. It had happened that way over the past four years of their sometimes relationship. And it was now up to him to break that hurtful cycle. [The cycle will only be broken if he reacts accordingly. I mean, if she says “two weeks” and he says “ok”, there won’t be any change at all, will there?]

And this is were the chapter ends.

I have a question: I always learned that chapters were divided depending on the content. A chapter is always a (kind of) finished part of the story. But in English books, it feels like a chapter is a cliffhanger device, as if people only ever read chapterwise and if they are supposed to read chapter two, there needs to be a cliffhanger at the end of chapter one and so on. Well, I guess my question is, how do English-speaking people learn about chapters? What’s a chapter to you?

You’re welcome to tell me in the comments.

Answers to the amazing euphemism game: 1c, 2b, 3a. How many did you get right?


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