In Too Deep (Tori Carrington) – Chapter One

***Trigger Warning***

Okay, let’s start right away with the magnificence that is the first sentence:

She was back. Hot, fleecy-soft, and magnificently naked in his bed.

When somebody’s fleecy, I immediately imagine a pelt. A very nice, very soft pelt, but a pelt nevertheless. I guess I have to compliment Tori for not resorting to the classic, a little clichéd “silky”.

But then again, who am I to say that she, whoever she is, doesn’t have a pelt?

Things continue to get better… Despite the pelt,

Ben Edwards knew instantly that the figure stretched out beside him wasn’t his pet potbellied pig, Elvis, or, worse, his longtime butler, Newerth. [What the hell is going on in that man’s bed? The pet I can understand, a little bit. Though in my house no pet will ever sleep in a bed. But the butler? Is it customary for butlers to enter their employer’s bedroom in the middle of the night and crawl in their beds? Does Newerth have regular nightmares? Who has a butler nowadays anyway? What THE HELL is going on in that man’s bed?] Nor was the woman a figment of his imagination, a ghostly image from the past, or a manifestation of his dreams. [Well, that’s good, I guess.] No. It was spring, and beautiful, free-spirited Alannah White had returned in her unique way by slipping into his bed while he slept.

Just to make sure, Ben glances towards the window sill where, as expected, a potted plant (Aspidistra elatior or cast-iron plant) has returned as well. Alannah always takes it with her. That plant, and Ben’s heart. *le sigh* [You wanna bet that by the end of this story, the plant will be planted in the garden and will not live in a pot anymore?]

Ben doesn’t want to wake Alannah, afraid that he will scare away this free-spirited woman if he moves to fast. [Also, he refers to her as gypsy-spirited, which is pretty offensive.]

He let’s us know that he decided that he would kick her out this time, if he was strong enough, but he really wanted to sleep with her first. Which earns him the first hearty ASSHOLE of this book. And we’re still on page one.

So he pulls the still sleeping Alannah closer to himself and his “aroused body”. Alannah, far from being able to give her consent, being asleep and all, shows that she’s a little bitch who wants to have men groping her in her sleep:

Alannah shifted in her sleep, wriggling her bottom tantalizingly against him. [Who the bloody hell wriggles their butts in their sleep?]

Ben starts to reminisce… four years ago he moved to the US from England [Aaaah! That explains the butler. Everybody knows that everybody in England has one]. He hired Alannah as a landscape architect to have his English Garden [because no English man could be complete without one] and immediately drools over her beautiful black hair [geddit? She’s a gypsy!] and her long tanned legs. Which makes me think that she’s completely inappropriately dressed. Look, gardeners? Work in gardens. Usually, in gardens, there are at least some plants with thorns and a few bugs. So gardeners tend to wear long stuff, not shorts and a white shirt. But anyway…

Then she had turned her electric-blue eyes on him. Ben had felt as though she had somehow managed to turn the sun so it shone solely on him, setting him on fire and making England seem very far way.


Ben, of course, wanted to have her right away. And because love is possession he wanted to keep her, too. Even if that was impossible.

Now, he’s done reminscing, so he goes to grab her breast. Yeah, Alannah is still asleep. But her nipples harden, so that makes it okay, amirite? Anyway, when he goes to remove his hand, she grabs it, presses it between her breasts and opens her eyes. So she really must have wanted it. *rollseyes* She says hello.

The greeting was simple and direct and filled Ben with a need that transcended the mere physical. He longed to possess her, inside and out. Make love with her until she begged for mercy. Hold her to him until they ceased being two separate entities and instead became one.

I have to admit, this worries me. He wants to possess her, to make  love to her until she begs for mercy and melt her to him? None of these are things I would want my boyfriend to want, to be honest.

Then Ben proceeds to share with us his MANPAIN. He was an only child. In an affectionless family!!!111!!eleventy!!! He never knew that a touch could communicate anything.

The writer Anaïs Nin once said that ecstasy was born of the melding of physical need and deep love. When he’d first touched Alannah he had discovered the truth in those words. [Seriously? Anaïs Nin? Somehow, after a whole two pages of reading about Ben, he doesn’t seem to be the type to read Anaïs Nin.]

Anyway, Ben is ready to have a family. But Alannah doesn’t fit into family life. Because she’s a gypsy. And everybody knows that they can’t stay in one place and when they want children, they steal them from honest, hard-working people. Also, in the Slut-Mother dichotomy, Alannah is obviously in the slut half. Therefore, Ben can never have what he wants: A slutty mom. A stay-at-home gypsy. Or something.

Alannah starts to pet Ben, but he tells her no, that he has to talk with her.

We end this chapter with Ben gathering all his resolve to tell Alannah to fuck off – or stay forever.


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