In Too Deep (Tori Carrington)

In Too Deep is #24 in Harlequin’s Mini Series. It’s available here. You can also read it here, but I don’t know how legal that is.

The Description on Amazon

The book is rather short, as is the description:

Alannah has returned to Ben’s bed, just in time for spring. Can he convince her to stay for good this time, or will she break his heart again?

Just a small sidenote

I read the first sentence of this little gem and decided that I had to post it here. Seriously, people…

She was back. Hot, fleecy-soft, and magnificently naked in his bed.

Also, I’m reading this in pdf format and it has like 21 pages. And 8 chapters… Something this long probably doesn’t need any chapters at all, let alone 8…

Plus, everytime I read the name Alannah, I have to think about this one song… do you know it?

I’ve no idea what it means, but it’s a little disconcerting.


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