Baby Bonanza (Maureen Child) – Conclusion

***Trigger Warning***

So, we got the steamboat captain millionaire and his poor, unfairly disregarded mistress and their babies. Yay!

I have to admit that this book wasn’t badly written. Well, there were the occasional flowery phrases that made me want to wash my eyes, but seriously, if I go back to what we’ve been through here, this book’s writing style was bloody brilliant.

But to counterbalance this, we have an absolutely ridiculous plot, characters I wanted to kick all the time, an alpha-hero, who unfortunately fails to be impressively alpha and instead is threatingly alpha most of the time, a heroine who says she’s independent but always does as she’s told and secondary characters who get dropped faster than a hot potato when they don’t advance the plot anymore.

Open Questions

[In this case, there aren’t many open questions because there were never many questions raised in the first place.]

What happened to the Currans? And Teresa? And what does Maxie say to the whole happily ever after thingy after hating Nick for so long? Couldn’t there have been one teeny-tiny epilogue for that?
This is the first book here that I read and I really wanted to know what would happen in another year. Because I’m pretty sure that Nick will have beaten Jenna to death because she looked at another guy (or some other flimsy reason) by that time. Honestly, I’m scared. For a fictional character.

Eternal Truths Learned

Experiencing relationship trouble? Just buy a house together and they will disappear! A house together will instantly resolve any commitment and trust issues you might have.
Sexual Assault is fun, if you are a guy being assaulted by a woman.
If you’re boyfriend gets assaulted, be mad at him.

As usual, you’re very welcome to add to this list in the comment section.