Baby Bonanza (Maureen Child) – Chapter Seven

The next morning, Jenna wakes up alone after fucking the night through and, hurting all over, makes her way to the shower. She tries to figure out what she should do next and what would happen next and what Nick’s plans are. [I have a simple solution: Wait. Figure out what you want. Talk with Nick about it. See what he wants. Make a decision concerning the both of you together.]

She decides that she should call her sister Maxie who’s looking after the twins. When Maxie basically says that the twins are quite exhausting for her, Jenna…

…jolted away from the headboard, frowning at the phone in her hand. “Are they okay?” [Overprotective much?]

Which leaves me wondering: how do you frown at the phone in your hand stay on the phone at the same time? I mean, it’s pretty hard to frown at something that’s pressed against your ear – at least to me frowning at something indicates that I’m also looking at said something. And if she’s on speakerphone, which would be the most logical explanation, why does she have the phone in her hand? I mean, you get the speakers so you have your hands free, right?

Maxie tells her all about the twins and that they’re doing fine and then asks when Jenna will be coming home (right after Nick acknowledged his fatherhood). Finally Maxie, sensing that Jenna is hiding something, finds out that Jenna slept with Nick and tells her to come home. But not being Nick, Maxie hasn’t the power to order Jenna around.

Jenna knew she couldn’t leave until she’d seen Nick again. Found out what last night had meant to him, if anything. She had to prove to herself one way or the other that there was no future for them.

 So, Jenna tells Maxie that she was going to see this through and return home a couple of days later.

In the meantime, Nick engages in some sexism, chiding himself for being a coward and not manly enough (because he didn’t wait for Jenna to wake up and talk things over) and chiding Jenna for being a woman who – like all women – want to talk things over all the time.

Anyway, Nick knows that the last night has been special, but he convinces himself that the best way to go about the whole thing will be to tell Jenna to get lost and to never see her again. At this moment, Jenna walks up to him.

They both start to talk at the same time. Then Jenna decides to go first and tells Nick – who expects her to tell him that she loves him and wants to marry him and now that they had sex, they’re practically joined at the waist – that the last night was a mistake that she regretted.

Of course, instead of relief that the woman he wanted to break up with breaks up with him instead (because, let’s face it, breaking up is hard to do), he feels anger that a woman could be arrogant enough to regret a night with him, god’s gift to womankind!!!1!!!eleventy!!

But he swallows his anger and wonders about himself and why he isn’t dancing from joy that she feels the same way about this whole thing like he does.

Whatever it was, Nick told himself firmly, it was time to nip it in the bud. No way was he going to be tripping on his own heartstrings. Not over a woman he already knew to be an accomplished liar. [Oh, get over yourself already! She told you one lie so far and one she paid a lot for. Everybody lies. And anyway, one lie doesn’t make an accomplished liar, methinks.]

Anyways, they both glare at each other, reassure themselves that the previous night didn’t mean a thing until nobody believes them anymore. Then Jenna mentions that she should get home early and Nick – after making sure that the twins are alright – tells her that he wants her to stay until he knows the results from the lab (which will come later that day). Jenna agrees and they return to Nick’s suite.

Just as they’re about to rip each other’s clothes off again because the sexual heat between them’s just getting too much (or, I guess, that’s what Ms. Child was going for but miserably fails to do…), the fax machine beeps and Nick goes to pick up the fax. Jenna decides that this is the perfect moment to get her underwear from Nick’s bedroom.

But when she opens the door:

Jenna’s gaze was locked on his bed, and her brain short-circuited as she blankly stared at the very surprised, very naked redhead stretched out on top of Nick’s bed. [Of course, it’s a redhead, because, as already established several times, redheads are always evil (unless played by Cate Blanchett).]



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