Baby Bonanza (Maureen Child) – Chapter Five

Okay, so Nick tells Jenna that she basically has to stay with him at all times and Jenna doesn’t get one word in protest. Instead, we jump right to the next day.

They are on their way to the hospital (oh, yeah, Nick speaks Spanish, btw.) to get the DNA-sampling out of the way.

His chest was tight and his mind was racing. Cabo was no more than a colorful blur outside his window [How fast is this fucking car going?] as they headed for the lab and a date with destiny.
In a few seconds the cab was swallowed by the bustling port city. 

Oh, come on, first of all – the prose? “colorful blur”, “date with destiny”, “swallowed by the bustling port city”. And second of all – who gives a fuck? Just get to the hospital already. Especially since Nick keeps on insisting that he really doesn’t want to talk to Jenna (instead he just wants to “drag her back to his cabin”).

Well, my wish did not come true. Instead, we get the deep comparison between the duality of Cabo – the glittering touristy parts vs the poor parts where the people actually live – and the duality of people.

“There’s always a hidden side. To everything. And everyone,” he said, staring into her eyes, wondering what she was feeling. Wondering why he even cared.
“What’s hidden beneath your facade, then?” she asked.
Nick forced a smile. “I’m the exception to the rule,” he told her. “What you see is what you get with me. There are no hidden depths. No mysteries to be solved. No secrets. No lies.” [Yeah, right… And I’m the princess of China.]

 Oy vey… can a metaphor be any more blunt? Oh, wait a second!

“(…) So don’t go building castles in the air. You’ll get trapped in the rubble when they collapse.”


Anyway, Jenna makes Nick promise that he won’t take out on his sons what he feels for Jenna. And then the cab drive is over.

And we’re back in the cab for the return journey. But apparantely Jenna is as fed up with it as I am because she makes the cab driver stop after a while to walk the rest of the way. Nick, of course, goes with her – he will never leave her alone again, if you remember.

Well, even though it’s freaking hot, Nick puts his arm around Jenna (apparently, in this world, there’s no such thing as sweating), pretending to pull her out of the way of some drunk tourists. Jenna’s blood is boiling with lust – not heat, as would be everybody else’s.

Jenna laughed in spite of the fact that every nerve ending was on fire and lit from within due to Nick’s arm wrapped tightly around her waist. [Yes, that’s still because of the lust, not because of the sun… At least I think so. And if in the next two pages Jenna isn’t yet puking because of a sunstroke, I think that Ms Child is thinking so, too. ]

 They start talking about the babies (Cooper is more patient than Jacob) and Jenna’s work (specialty gift baskets) and more about the kids and Jenna (Jenna is a very, very, very, very jealous and protective mother).

A half hour later Jenna’s feet were aching and she was seriously regretting jumping out of that cab. But there were compensations, too. Such as walking beside Nick, his arm around her waist as if they were really a couple. She knew she should step out of his grasp, but truthfully, she was enjoying the feel of him pressed closely to her too much to do it. [I love it when people I didn’t invite to touch me, touch me and don’t let me go. It’s great!]
It had been so long since their week together. And in the time since, she hadn’t been with anyone else. Well, she’d been pregnant for a good part of that time, so not much chance of hooking up with someone new. But even if she hadn’t been, she wouldn’t have been looking. Nick had carved himself into her heart and soul [that must have hurt!] in that one short week and had made it nearly impossible for her to think about being with anyone else.

To stop herself from thinking about these things, Jenna proposes a little shopping. Of course, Nick is a man so he doesn’t like shopping. [I wonder if we ever get rid of tired stereotypes.]

Anyway, Jenna finds two shirts for her kids and Nick pays for them.

“Call it my first present to my sons.”
She stumbled a little and he tightened his hold on her hand, steadying her even while he felt his own balance getting shaky.
“So you believe me?”
Nick felt a cold, hard knot settle into the pit of his stomach. He looked into Jenna’s eyes and couldn’t find the slightest sign of deception. Was she too good at hiding her secrets? Or were there no secrets to hide? Soon enough, he’d know for sure. But for now “I’m starting to.”

Can you hear the mysterious music? Because I so totally can. The book could have come with a soundtrack, I wouldn’t be able to hear it any clearer…


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