Baby Bonanza (Maureen Child) – Chapter Three

So, we left our two lovers, when Nick started to become physically threatening. How Romantic! *sigh*

Then Jenna slaps his hand away and he almost orgasms because of that touch. When he’s got himself under control again (because, you know, men only rape women because they really can’t control themselves), he thinks about how nice it is to have a woman in his life who talks back and doesn’t kiss his ass (breaking the show-don’t-tell rule quite impressively). And because he loves it so much he asks Jenna to dinner, leaving her every option to decline.

“We’ll have dinner tonight. My suite.”
“I don’t think so.”
“You came here to talk to me, right?”
“Yes, but-”
“So we’ll talk. Seven o’clock.”

Honestly, I wouldn’t show up, when I was invited like this. Jackass.

Shortly after Nick’s gone, Jenna leaves her (very small) cabin as well, revealing how affected she was by Nick, since she was practically a virgin before meeting him. [Thank goodness! It could not do to have a heroine who is sexually versed and not innocent. In modern times, real virgins are rare though, so you give your heroine one former partner and there he didn’t mean half as much to her as the hero. That’s very important. Because people can only fall in love once in their life.]

She goes to the bar to meet Mary.

Conversations flowed in a low rumble of sound that was punctuated by the occasional clink of crystal or a high-pitched laugh. First day at sea and already the party had begun. [Oh yeah, that really sounds like a party. People are murmuring, sometimes somebody laughs and there’s *gasp* alcohol. Probably something as strong as wine!]

Can I just interrupt this shortly to say, nay, to plead: Please, please, please, please, please, dear Ms. Child, don’t use the phrase “her stomach fisted into knots” ever again. It doesn’t make sense and to use fist as a verb always makes me think dirty. Very dirty.  But even if you’re not completely soiled, as I apparently am, it really doesn’t make sense – either something’s a knot or it’s a fist. If you make a fist with your hand, are your fingers in a knot? I sure hope not.

Okay, back to the “party”. Mary – inbetween gulps of margaritas – takes about, wait, let’s see, 4 pages to tell us, what I’ll tell you in one sentence: Mary and her husband have been upgraded to a luxury suite by Nick personally, who will refund their whole trip.

Now the only question is whether Jenna will be upgraded, too and where to. Jenna doesn’t think she will be upgraded at all, because, you know, she and Nick: not too good. But Mary keeps on gushing about Nick and how he’ll surely will upgrade her, too.

When Jenna comes back to her (very small) cabin to change, it’s locked and she can’t enter. So she goes back up and finds an employee who tells her that all of her things have been packed and moved up to the Splendor Deck, where Mary and her husband and Nick have their suites. Although Jenna feels slightly uneasy because complete strangers packed her stuff (and, let’s face it, who wouldn’t?), she’s happy to be able to shower and to get a luxury suite so she makes her way upstairs.

She’s greeted by Teresa who leads her to her new cabin. They start talking about what happened a year ago and Teresa of course defends Nick.

Jenna stopped her, holding up both hands. “You know what? Never mind. It was more than a year ago. It’s over and done. And whatever Nick and I had has ended, too.”
Teresa cocked her head to one side and looked at her thoughtfully. “You really think so, hmm?”
“Trust me on this,” Jenna said as they started walking again. “Nick is so over me.” [Note: she doesn’t state that she’s over him. Because that would imply that she has a choice in the matter. Which she doesn’t. Because everyone knows that women love to be loved and don’t have a libido/sense of attraction of their own.]
“If you say so.”

 They arrive at Jenna’s new suite, Teresa gives her a key card and leaves her alone. Jenna opens the door and almost faints because the room is so big [especially after her (very small) cabin] and so expensive.

“This can’t be my cabin,” Jenna whispered, whipping
her head from side to side as she tried to take in everything at once. [Really? Whipping? Come on!] “Okay, sure, upgraded to a suite. But this is the Taj Mahal of suites. There has to be a mistake, that’s all.”
“There’s no mistake,” Nick said as he walked easily into the room and gave her a smile that even from across the room was tempting enough to make her gasp. “This is my suite and it’s where you’ll be staying.”

Oh my… I sure hope that the next chapter will start with her beating the shit out of him. Arrogant ass. How can he make decisions like that for her? And we’re probably supposed to find that sexy or at least appealing in its alpha-male-ness. [Look, there really is a difference between alpha and asshole.] And I’m sure that she will give in [even though she’s such an independent woman]. *snarl*

This is ridiculous.


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