Baby Bonanza (Maureen Child) – Chapter Six

It’s three days later, and the ship’s docking in Acapulco. Mary Curran tries to convince Jenna to go shopping with her but Jenna declines, thinking about the last days she spent with Nick:

They’d spent nearly every minute together, and when they were here in this suite, the spacious accommodations seemed to shrink to the size of a closet. [Seems to me like she could have stayed in her (very small) cabin and only be in half the trouble she’s in now. And have more room.]

Then her thoughts wander to the dinner the Currans, Nick and her had the night before.

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Baby Bonanza (Maureen Child) – Chapter Five

Okay, so Nick tells Jenna that she basically has to stay with him at all times and Jenna doesn’t get one word in protest. Instead, we jump right to the next day.

They are on their way to the hospital (oh, yeah, Nick speaks Spanish, btw.) to get the DNA-sampling out of the way.

His chest was tight and his mind was racing. Cabo was no more than a colorful blur outside his window [How fast is this fucking car going?] as they headed for the lab and a date with destiny.
In a few seconds the cab was swallowed by the bustling port city. 

Oh, come on, first of all – the prose? “colorful blur”, “date with destiny”, “swallowed by the bustling port city”. And second of all – who gives a fuck? Just get to the hospital already. Especially since Nick keeps on insisting that he really doesn’t want to talk to Jenna (instead he just wants to “drag her back to his cabin”).

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Baby Bonanza (Maureen Child) – Chapter Four

So, Nick just told Jenna that he plans for her to live with him, without ever bothering to ask her how she felt about it. Jenna’s standing in the doorway looking at Nick like a deer at headlights, equally unable to do the right thing. (Which would be – unlike for the deer – a kick in his nuts and a hearty “You’re insane and I’m going to leave now. You will hear from my lawyer who will sue you for the aliments you owe your kids. Good-bye!”)

Instead, the fight is interrupted for Ms. Child to describe us what Nick’s wearing. 

Back to the things that are actually happening: Jenna manages to say that that’s not a good idea, unfortunately, she doesn’t think that it’s a bad idea because this guy basically takes away her choices,  uses a rather desperate situation to blackmail her and generally behaves like an ass, but because…

Meeting Nick in her tiny cabin hadn’t exactly been easy, but at least down there, there’d been no distractions. No easy opulence. No sensory overload of beauty. [But there had been a sensory overload in their closeness.]
This was a bad idea. Jenna knew it. Felt it. And didn’t have a single clue how to get out of it. [Here’s a suggestion: Leave. Just. Go. Away.]
“We shouldn’t be staying together,” she said finally, and winced because even to her she sounded like a prissy librarian or something. [First, to all librarians out there: I’m sorry for the constant abuse you have to suffer through clichés. Second: WHAT THE HELL IS PRISSY ABOUT REFUSING TO LIVE WITH A GUY YOU DON’T WANNA LIVE WITH???]

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Baby Bonanza (Maureen Child) – Chapter Three

So, we left our two lovers, when Nick started to become physically threatening. How Romantic! *sigh*

Then Jenna slaps his hand away and he almost orgasms because of that touch. When he’s got himself under control again (because, you know, men only rape women because they really can’t control themselves), he thinks about how nice it is to have a woman in his life who talks back and doesn’t kiss his ass (breaking the show-don’t-tell rule quite impressively). And because he loves it so much he asks Jenna to dinner, leaving her every option to decline.

“We’ll have dinner tonight. My suite.”
“I don’t think so.”
“You came here to talk to me, right?”
“Yes, but-”
“So we’ll talk. Seven o’clock.”

Honestly, I wouldn’t show up, when I was invited like this. Jackass.

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