Baby Bonanza (Maureen Child) – Chapter Two

Jenna is getting ready to meet Nick in her cabin. On the way downstairs, she talks to Mary Curran again and arranges to meet her for drinks later (maybe a security measure – should Nick decide to kill her, somebody would miss her).

At least, she was fairly certain Nick would show up. But what if he didn’t? What if he didn’t care about the fact that he was the father of her twin sons? What if he dismissed her note as easily as he’d deleted all of her attempts at e-mail communication? 

What, you’ve come this far and have never thought about that possibility? Ever? Jesus, woman, are you sure you have all the necessary synapses to survive?

In the meantime, Nick tries to come to grips with the notion of being a father, which of course immediately includes dismissal that he actually was. Then he tries to figure out who the mother could be (uhm… how about the woman who has been sending you email after email with subject lines like “We need to talk”, “I have something important to tell you”, “please contact”, “Viagra for $20” after sleeping with you?), but there’s no name on the card with the photo. Just a meeting point.

“We need to talk. Come to cabin 2A on the Riviera Deck.” 

Even though Nick is such a control freak that he probably planned every screw personally on this ship, he doesn’t know which of the decks the Riviera Deck is. So he looks it up and is OUTRAGED! The deck is below the crew deck and he specifically ordered that they were not to be used.

So he screams for Teresa, who looks the tennants of the Riviera Deck up.

“1A is occupied by a Joe and Mary Curran.
“2A is…” Teresa’s voice trailed off and Nick watched as his usually unflappable assistant chewed at her bottom lip.
That couldn’t be good.
“What is it?” When she didn’t answer right away, he demanded, “Just tell me who’s in the other cabin.”
“Jenna,” Teresa said and blew out a breath. “Jenna Baker’s in 2A, Nick.” 
[I don’t know wether that’s normal in the US, but here in Austria I work as an assisstant and I wouldn’t know anything about any partners of my boss. Frankly, I find the thought a bit disconcerting – I really don’t want to know.]

Well, after Nick knows who he’s dealing with, he basically runs to the deck, deciding on the way to close it off permanently. He reaches the (very small) cabin and the door opens.

She shouldn’t have still been able to affect him. He’d had her after all. [And that’s all men care about, right?!] Had her and then let her go more than a year ago. So why then was he suddenly struck by the turquoise-blue of her eyes? Why did that tight, firm mouth make him want to kiss her until her lips eased apart and let him back in? [You wouldn’t want to wait till she wanted to kiss you, too? No, you’d rather force yourself on her, kissing her until she gives up…] Why did the fact that she looked furious make his blood steam in his veins? [Oh, angry women… when they’re not funny, they’re sexy, but never, under any circumstances, are they actually angry.] What the hell did she have to be mad about?

In any case, Nick steps into the (very small) cabin, which is so small that Jenna’s smell is all over him in an instant. And they accidentally touch all the time, because the cabin is so small.

Nick asks what this is about and instead of answering, Jenna pulls out a scrapbook. Yes, a scrapbook. The not-so-modern means to escape all direct communication (btw, this is part two of “Passive-Aggressive Notes for Beginners”).

He ran one finger over the picture of the boys as if he could somehow touch them with the motion, and that small action touched something in Jenna. For one brief instant, Nick Falco looked almost…vulnerable.
[Of course, he has a vulnerable side. I bet he’s only so cool because he was seriously hurt a gazillion years before.]

Anyway, Nick asks Jenna why she didn’t contact him before, she says she tried, he says he never go any email and so she whips out the complete printed out correspondence. Then Nick says that he didn’t know she wanted to tell him that she was pregnant and he only thought that she was after his money. Which probably means that he did get the emails after all.

“I wasn’t interested in your money back then, Nick. But things have changed and now, I am after money,” she said and saw sparks flare in his icy eyes. [How can they be icy and have sparks flaring at the same time?] “It’s called child support, Nick. And your sons deserve it.”

Because, you see, Jenna has her own business and does fine but it’s not enough to take care of twins. She’s desperate, she needs the money and therefore she’s come to him for help. Which is actually quite reasonable. And she also addresses my thoughts:

“When you never responded to my e-mails, I told myself you didn’t deserve to know your babies. And if I weren’t feeling a little desperate I wouldn’t be here at all. Trust me, if you think I’m enjoying being here like this, you’re crazy.”

And suddenly, Nick is all indignant in a “You thought you could keep my babies from me” way. I mean, jees, first he ignores her, then he never got her mails, then he did get her mails but didn’t care to read them and now he’s pissed because she kind of gave up after a while?


But then the fun really begins. Nick steps threateningly close and basically tells Jenna that he gets everything he wants and if the twins really are his, he will really want them.

Great. That’s the foundations to raise children – lies, mistrust and physical violence. The kids can already start getting into their first drugs and fights.


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