Carte Blanche (Camille Anthony in Charming the Snake) – Conclusion

Nothing from the world Ms. Anthony created makes sense. Nothing:
We are in the middle of the future. The humans have left the earth because otherwise they would have gotten extinct and live now on another planet. Even though they couldn’t save all the people, they could save the horses and -most importantly – the crickets.
Anyway, when the settlers came to this earth, they decided that Regency was a great time, let’s just get back to this and within about 70 years, everybody not only accepts that, but actually lives this societal model to the fullest extent.
And somehow, the science got lost in between, because we can’t even identify bodies because of their DNA or even their blood group anymore.
Oh yeah, and there’s no police. At all.

Leaving aside the irregularities within the world-building, what is wrong with that plot? Not only doesn’t it make any sense, it’s also badly built up. We wouldn’t have a chance guessing who the bad guy was because there was not a single hint. But even if there was, the story is so ludicrous that no sane person could have guessed it anyway.

Plus, character motivation: obviously overrated.

Honestly, this story reads to me like it was set in actual Regency England. Then Ms. Anthony got a call asking for a story that somehow had SciFi written on it and she decided that adding some details to her existing Regency story would be enough to accomplish that.

Oh well.

Open Questions

Why did Ali stay friends with Chassy? Chassy only ever treated her like shit or a stepstone to something else.
What happened to Liana? And the threat she sensed sounded more like the whole planet was in danger, not only Chassy’s father. Was that really the only threat?
Why the fuck did Chassy have to be clairvoyant? Just so she’d be able to recognise Dare as her one true love right away?
What happened to the almost fiancé?
Is Dare’s father a better guy than he seemed to be or is he the asshole he seemed to be?

As for the main plot, I’m not sure if there’s still any open questions, because I’m still not entirely sure if I followed every relation and every twist correctly.

Eternal Truths Learned

A woman is nothing without a man. And if she doesn’t have one, she shall also fade to nothingness. Immediately.
Never trust somebody who is dead to actually be dead. It’s all a trick.
Never contact the police if you get shot, but always try to find the culprit yourself, while pretending to be dead.
If you have children, use them for your revenge.

As usual, you’re very welcome to add to this list in the comment section.


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