Carte Blanche (Camille Anthony in Charming the Snake) – Epilogue

So, because the other chapter ended pretty prematurely, here’s the recap we get at the beginning of the epilogue:

“I am glad your father reinstated you to your title and inheritance, but so sorry about your mother.” Chassy snuggled up beside her new husband [I KNEW IT! I knew that they’d get married and it’s awful. Who does that after a murder attempt?] and slipped her hand into his. He squeezed her fingers, feeling a mix of emotions hard to put a name to. [He’s probably tired and annoyed for getting told what he already knows by his new wife.]
“(…) I never dreamed she’d try to kill you again. When she came at us, the serpents thought she was attacking me. At least it was quick, if painful. Being struck by so many angel-serpents — the venom acted blindingly fast.” [“Well, thank you for telling me that, sweetie, but if I remember correctly I WAS THERE WHEN SHE TRIED TO KILL ME FOR THE SECOND TIME.”]
“(…) Our father drove her out of her mind with all his infidelities.” [Because a woman without her husband’s love automatically has to go insane. There’s no other way.] C.C. lounged on the couch opposite them, (…).
“At least he wasn’t to blame for our brother’s fiancée’s death. According to what Mom confessed, he was blind drunk when Eschell crawled into his bed, and he never knew he’d slept with her. Her mistake was bragging to Mom about the pregnancy. When Daniel discovered Mom after she’d drowned Eschell, she begged him not to turn her over to the authorities. (…)
“Anyway, the only alternative for him was to end his own life. And she killed her maid in order to fake her death in that chamber fire. She disappeared and started a new life away from father and her guilt over Daniel’s suicide. (…)”

First of all: If you want to recap something, do it properly, not with having characters telling each other everything everybody (except the reader) knows already. That sucks.
Secondly, this is worst than an episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, hell, an entire season! Murder, pregnancies, conspiracies, suicides, wrong impressions, etc etc. The only thing missing is incest. But if you count Eschell sleeping with her father-in-law, then it’s all there.
Thirdly, why the hell would Eschell want to do that? What could she possibly gain from it?
Fourthly, in case you forgot: THIS IS THE FUTURE! What happened to science? How the hell could Dare’s mother fake her death that way if she wouldn’t even succeed today?

Anyway, finally Chassy explains what her father had to do with the whole thing. Apparently, he had seen and recognised Dare’s mother after her fake death. So, she decided to kill him. Oh, and the Duchess of Pettibone was Dare’s and CC’s aunt. [For whatever reason that is important.]

Well, after everything’s cleared up, CC’s leaves the newlyweds, because there’s still a virginity to take from Chassy.

The End. (Or is it? CC still doesn’t have a wife…)


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