Carte Blanche (Camille Anthony in Charming the Snake) – Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen aka The Last Chapter Before The Epilogue starts with Chassy getting ready to be married. Since her “break-up” with Dare two weeks ago, she has constantly lost weight so that her wedding dress has to be refitted again. But Chassy is not satisfied.

I haven’t lost enough weight to suit me. I want to fade right away and become nothingness. [Nothingness? Nothingness? Oh my goodness.]

Exactly the message you want to give to young women: If you have boy troubles, become self-destructive. You aren’t worth anything if you don’t have a boyfriend.

Ali is back, trying to be the voice of reason, as usual. Keeping Chassy from pulling her hair out and trying to see the good side of the marriage. Chassy, of course, behaves like a complete ass towards her. [Seriously, why are they still friends? Ali must be a saint.]

Then it’s time to leave for the ceremony.

The one good thing this mock marriage had done was bring all her family together. It had been eons since she’d seen most of the people that had gathered under one roof to wish her happy.

And still, all Chassy can do is be mean and bitch. Look, I’m not saying that she should accept her fate just like that. But she agreed to do this, probably because she trusts her father not to let anything serious happen. If that’s the case, there’s really no reason to behave like a complete ass to everybody around her, especially her friends and family, who had nothing to do with this anyway.

Before she can go to the ceremony, though, the Duchess of Pettibone comes to her and wants to have a private chat, only to tell her that everything’s going fine and that her father is monitoring the whole thing.

Then it really is time to go.


The talk the priest gives is still the same – “Dearly beloved etc etc blablabla” – even in whatever year we are now that is so much in the future that the humans live on a different planet.

Anyway, Chassy contemplates Dare’s father and how much he looks like Dare and CC and is afraid that nothing will happen until she actually is married [even if they finished the ceremony, until they had sex, they could still annul it, but anyway].

Then comes the question whether anybody knows why they shouldn’t get married. And two people shout out!

Oh, this is so exciting, I’m hardly bored.

One is Dare who says that he won’t let Chassy marry anybody else but him.

“No! I’ll not lose another son to an unworthy female. I’ll see her dead, first!” [Isn’t it usually: I’ll see HIM dead first? I mean, isn’t that how the cliché goes.]
A shot rang out, the sound deafening and echoing in the vaulted chamber. A hard push from the side sent Chastity hurling down the stairs, out of the path of the projectile. [Why, thank goodness! I thought that we’d go an entire story without the heroine having to get rescued. Somebody had mercy and proved me wrong!]

Chassy finds herself in Dare’s arms, who checks whether she is hurt. [She isn’t.] He quickly tells her that his mother is still alive and shot at her and she tells him that her father is still alive. [And in the sequel, they get married. Or something.]

But the person to take the shot and push her out of the way was Dare’s father.

“Oh, my goodness,” she gasped. “Is he all right? Does this mean I can’t hate him any longer?” [He just fucking saved your life.]
That surprised a smile out of him. [Can you really use surprise like that?] “I think he’ll be fine. He’s still worthy of hate. It didn’t look too serious. Probably just a flesh wound. Come on.” He took her hand and pulled her after him.
She held back. “Wait. I want to ask the priest something.” [Uhm, I don’t want to interrupt, but the man who just took a bullet for you is lying next to you bleeding from a wound you don’t know the severeness off. Maybe now isn’t the right time to talk to the priest?]
She walked over to the prelate and tugged his sleeve. He bent to her, [how old is she, five?] listening with a growing expression of shock and doubt. When she finished, he laughed aloud and nodded. “Well, why not, milady? Stranger things have happened in this church.” [You didn’t just ask him whether he would marry you and Dare on the spot, right? Please tell me you didn’t…]

And with pandemonium, bleeding people and murderers in the church and wedding bells in the air, we leave this chapter. And I probably just left my mind.


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