Carte Blanche (Camille Anthony in Charming the Snake) – Chapter Thirteen

Sorry I didn’t get back to writing here since more than a month. I feel bad for it in the appropriate amount. [Good to know, isn’t it?]


When last we left Chassy, she just agreed with her father to stage a fake wedding to Dare’s father and not tell Dare anything about it being fake. If you don’t remember anymore why that happened, don’t worry – no real explanation was given.

Now, two weeks have passed and CC worries about Dare who tries to get rid of his bad feelings by drenching them in alcohol and then lighting them on fire. “Dare, please stop. If you drink any more, I’ll throw up.”

Anyway, CC decides it’s time to shake Dare from his drunken stupor so that maybe he will do something against the disaster.

“Just think about it… in a little while they’ll leave the church. Knowing our randy parent, he won’t wait long before he lifts her skirts — probably stop along the way and fuck her in the carriage. Yeah, and while he has her heels in the air, she can grip his thick cock with her pussy — Hey, did I ever tell you how my mother went on and on about him being built like a horse? — and scream his name. Can’t you hear it?” Speaking in falsetto, he chimed, “Oh, Darian, yes… fuck me with your big cock, ram that pole up my tiny little ass!”

There’s so many things wrong with this. Like how CC’s mother kept telling him about the size of his father’s dick. Or that CC pictures his father like that, even if it is to get a reaction from Dare.

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