Carte Blanche (Camille Anthony in Charming the Snake) – Chapter Eleven

You won’t believe it! Chapter Eleven actually starts with some minor form of PLOT! While Chassy doesn’t yet remember that she came to town to find out who her father’s almost killer is, at least she remembers that she promised the duchess of Pettibone to visit her a week ago. It was that talk where the duchess kept on dropping hints like “THE TIME IS RUNNING OUT! COME FAST!” So, one week is probably a good time frame. Especially when you’re thinking that she might now something about your father’s almost killer.

Well. Dare has an appointment, so Chassy is free to visit the duchess. Dare assures her that his appointment won’t take longer than two hours. But even two hours is too long for the couple, who just spent a whole week fucking non-stop. So, Dare throws Chassy into the flitter and they fuck one last time. Before they see each other a couple of hours later, of course.


Slumped on the couch, Chastity barely had the strength to push her skirts down. [That is a great sentence. All thanks to Chastity’s name being Chastity.] Thank goodness Dare had programmed the flitter with the coordinates for the hours-long journey to the Pettibones’ main residence and set the controls to auto-flight before he left. [Hang on… her journey is hours long? Why did Dare tell her that he would be back in two hours, if her appointment is going to take so much longer. WTF?]

Chassy tries to relax. But all she can think about is Dare and she’s aroused again immediately. So, she starts masturbating.

A frown puckered her brow. [GNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! After using puckered repeatedly to refer to her asshole, how can you use it to refer to her brow?] The sensations weren’t as strong or sweet as when Dare touched her, stroked her. She pinched her clit, hoping to ignite something more than frustration, but the feelings eluded her. [Oh yeah, a normal orgams is so unsatisfying. If he doesn’t make me at least undulate, I’m outta there.]
Darian Acer was going to pay for making her immune to anyone but himself. [Maybe you’re not immune but your system is slightly overloaded after a week of orgasm after orgasm?] When she returned home, she was going to fuck that man bowlegged. [Oh, what a threat…]

And that’s that chapter. If I was the editor of that piece, this chapter wouldn’t exist anymore. Hell, if I was the editor of this whole book, none of it would have seen the light of day. Ever.


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