Carte Blanche (Camille Anthony in Charming the Snake) – Chapter Ten

So, we’ve left Chassy and Dare spread out on the bed after fucking completing each other. And it must have been quite a completion, because Chapter Ten starts with:

A week later, she woke [Once in my life I would like to get fucked so that I have to sleep for a week afterwards.] to a broad finger [whose finger? I hope it’s Dare. I really hope so.] running tight circles around her puckered opening [can’t you say asshole?].

Chassy is not happy about the attention payed to her “puckered opening“. Dare would like to really fuck her in the ass, but when he pushes a finger in, it hurts Chassy and she tells him to stop. But Dare insists, telling her that he will take of her not getting hurt and that she will like it.

When Chassy sees that he’s more excited to fuck her ass than to fuck her pussy, she gets scared. Dare pins her down and tells her to stop squirming. [Can romance/erotic novel heroes NEVER accept a no?]

His insistence irritated her. He’d pinned her so securely she could do no more than wiggle beneath him. Staring up at him, using words as a whip, she lashed at him. “I said no, Dare! And since I pay the shot, I call the play.”

And amazingly, it works! Dare is hurt, folds into himself and stands up. But Chassy can’t stand Dare being angry, so instead of being angry herself she says she’s sorry that he wants to fuck her in the ass and that she doesn’t want that [paraphrasing here].

He tells her that she’s right, she does own him and therefore she can tell him what to do. Which makes Chassy cry because she doesn’t want to own Dare. [She only wants to tell him what to do.] Then Dare explains that he accepted her proposal because she’s too beautiful to resist.

And blablabla. [Sorry, I’m a bit bored with this part of the book. How often can you recite the same things over and over again? *yawn*]

They have a short argument about feminism and finally Dare tells Chassy that he’s not happy with the Carte Blanche arrangement because he wanted to marry her.

“From the first time I saw you, marriage was the only thought in my mind. I knew immediately we belonged together. Before you walked into view, I’d been searching for a likely fuck-partner. Then I saw you. Not a woman there could hold a candle to you. They all faded to shadow. Every man in the Avondales’ ballroom became my enemy. I didn’t want their eyes on you, didn’t like seeing the lust they felt for you. I didn’t fall in love with you, Chassy — I stepped into it with both eyes open.” [No, judging by this speech, he doesn’t love you, Chassy, he wants to possess you. Nobody should look at you or talk to you unless it’s him and yadda yadda.]
She could drown in his gaze, lose herself in the wide, fathomless black pupils. [Uhm… usually, when people talk about losing themselves in somebody’s eyes, they’re not really talking about the pupils but about the irises. Or am I wrong?] The naked truth shone out of them, and her heart lurched somewhere in her chest. She recognized love when she saw it. [Does she now? Then why the whole doubt thing a few chapters back, when she was so angry because he didn’t accept her?] Crying, she flung herself into his embrace.

Yeesh. So she cries and they tell each other about what they kept secret so far [He wants to have children and a lot more. She was in pain, when he didn’t accept her offer at first].

He dipped his head and rubbed his cheek against her palm, the gesture oddly submissive and manly at the same time. [Gnnaahh… being submissive is not an unmanly quality!] “I want to give you everything you desire. Everything.” [When I first read it, I thought that this was her acceptance of his proposal and his wish for children and so on. But it turns out…]
“I want you to take my anal virginity. [Oh Jesus H. Christ.]” Her voice trembled. [So, guys, you hear? If you can’t get a woman to do what you want in bed, just propose to her and she won’t be able to refuse anything anymore. Ever. Because then you own her! #§$%$$]

Oh, and btw.: It’s okay not to want anal sex. And your partner will have to accept this. Maybe you can offer to fuck them in return. If you don’t have a dick, there’s some nifty equipment for that. But in any case – don’t feel bad to say no. And you’re not indebted, when your partner fulfills one of your wishes (be that marriage or something) – a relationship doesn’t work that way.
Of course, you should be open to new things and try stuff, but the most important thing is to keep talking about what you want and what your partner wants and if you’re in synch, great! If not, talk about why you don’t want to do it. Just don’t feel pressed into something you don’t wanna do. You’re not obliged. You can always say no.

Okay, that was the unasked for relationship advice of the day, I promise there won’t be more of that. Now, let’s get on with the buttsex.

Chassy gets to her knees, butt high in the air and Dare starts to alternatingly spank her and kiss her ass. When she’s really wet, …

His fingers dug in her liquid channel again [which part of the body is actually liquid? I mean, I know we’re made from a whole lot of water, but I don’t have any liquid parts. Do you?], gathered the creamy moisture, and slathered it into the crease of her ass and all over the puckered entry [If you say “puckered” one more time…] to her most secret place. [How many secret places does a woman have? Look, it’s no secret. Everybody has an asshole.] One well-lubricated finger pressed into the tight orifice, and she jumped, shocked at the pleasure pouring over her at the intrusion. [Intrusion really isn’t the right word to use here. An intrusion is something unwanted. This isn’t.]

Well, he fucks her ass with his finger until she’s close to coming. Then he tells her how wonderful it would be if it wasn’t just his finger but his cock. But instead of proving it, he starts fucking her pussy.

Seated deep within her, [how does that work?] he helped her sit up, her back to his chest. He showed her the rhythm he wanted her to maintain, then set to work tormenting her clit. [Tormenting? Come on…] One hand worked lazy patterns on the heaving surface of her belly, while the other tweaked and thumbed the stiff bit of flesh at the zenith of her thighs. [1. Zenith of her thighs??? 2. It is really quite impressive that he can do two different things with each hand at the same time. Have you ever tried to do that? Try rubbing your tummy in a circular motion with one hand and at the same time, tap your head with the other hand. Not that easy, is it?] Not content to pinch and pull on her clit, he stuffed two fingers in her pussy, alongside his pistoning cock. [1. pistoning??? 2. Also rather impressive. Especially if you remember that she was a virgin a week earlier.]

This goes on for a bit and then there’s the compulsory orgasm.

And at the climax… his words in her ear, his promise of things to come. “One finger is nothing, love. When I fuck your ass, you are going to melt. You are going to go nova from the explosions, I promise you. But I’m not going to take your sweet ass until our wedding night. I want you to be able to wear white at our ceremony, so we’ll keep at least one virginity intact.”


Who actually cares about virginity anymore when marrying in white?

Not mentioning the fact that anal virginity with the implications it has here is an ever stranger concept than virginity itself.


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