Carte Blanche (Camille Anthony in Charming the Snake) – Chapter Nine

Chassy is lying on a red velvet settee, while Dare is at it.

Her body was his cornucopia of delights, [not his wonderland? Come on, get your shit together and stay off the thesaurus.] her emotions so open and responsive to him. He loved everything about loving her. The way she shifted and moved, moaned and made those little helpless noises in the back of her throat… she made him feel like a conqueror. [And we’re one step away from him claiming her body as his own.]
“I’m going to savor every inch of you, taste and sample your face, shoulders, arms…” He propped himself up on an elbow and traced her eyebrows with his forefinger. “I want to explore the very veins beneath your skin, trace every rivulet and estuary back to their source.” [Where did the blood thing suddenly come from? It wouldn’t have surprised me if this was a vampire novel, but – unless there’s this major twist coming up – it isn’t. And since when are eybrows so full of blood?]

Chassy’s reaction is some shivering and some stuttering and generally incoherence.

He dipped his finger into the shadowed hill of her breast [how can he dip a finger into her breast? Is it a bowl of pudding? Also, shadowed hill? seriously?] and stroked rhythmically [well, thank goodness he does it rythmically. She’d never orgasm if he didn’t], palmed a straining nipple [why is it straining?] and pressed down, pinching the tight flesh between his thumb and forefinger. [Honestly, I don’t know what’s going on anymore. Where are his fingers and where is his palm and what are they doing and how can they do it all at once?] Dipping his head, he put mouth to nipple and suckled, drawing strongly on the tender bit. Opening his lips, he swallowed the stiff morsel [ohahgnaaahhhh – the sound known as complete metaphor failure reaction], hollowing his cheeks as he worked her determinedly, pulling on her crest until it popped out of his greedy mouth with a loud slurp. [Do I even have to say something? It pops with a slurp? That doesn’t work. No, really, I’m pretty sure of it.]

As a reaction, Chassy bucks and mewls. Dare gets really excited by her excitement and then, “he used his teeth and tongue so devilishly her eyes rolled back in her head“. [You had to bring the devil in there, didn’t you?]

Chassy is almost coming, so Dare stops working her nipples and starts stroking her belly with his rough hand. Which of course makes me wonder why his hand would be rough. He never worked in his whole life, did he? Anyway, it’s then that he starts the dirty talk:

“Your pelvic bones are your inner shores. They contain a primal sea, a turbulent ocean that seeks to escape the confines of its fleshly prison.”
He rubbed his hand over her mound, cupped her sex, and used his thumb to circle her clit. “Can you feel it cresting, the waves breaking inside you?”
“My bones feel liquid… like I’m melting. Too hot… too much…” Her body rippled beneath him, undulating in a sensuous curve that had him gritting his teeth and scrabbling for control.

Altogether now: ohahgnaaaahhhh! How could her body ripple? And we talked about the undulating already. At least, with her bones melting that explains the oceans inside of her. Except that her pelvic bones couldn’t be the shore anymore. OH MY GOODNESS! This is so bad… 

And, on a minor sidenote, mentioning scrabbling has me thinking about the game, which is not that sexy, honest. Even when it’s strip scrabble.

He's not playing scrabble, I know. But I needed some nice eye candy to get that metaphor out of my system...

He's not playing Scrabble, I know. But I needed some nice eye candy to get that metaphor out of my system...

Dare starts eating her pussy, thinking about how he doesn’t want any other woman ever again. Of course, he can’t just think that, but has to dress it all up with metaphors that I won’t repeat here.

[I think this might be the hardest scene yet I had to read for this blog. I just can’t chose which passages to copy and which to leave. I honestly could just put the whole chapter up and bitch about every single sentence. This is incredible!]

Well, Dare looks up, with her “intimate juices” all about his face and Chassy is almost unconscious with arousal. He flings off the rest of his clothes (a phrase that makes me think about this Bruce Almighty scene).

Freed, his cock sprang up [how did it do that? And is it now running around or do you have it on a leash?], ruddy and red [aren’t those the same thing?] and aching [maybe you should see a doctor about this…], already dripping with the need to be buried in the hot, wet channel he’d stretched carefully with two fingers.

Dare starts to jerk off because he doesn’t want to seem too needy or take her too hard. Seeing as he can’t pleasure both of them at the same time, at least not like this, Chassy takes matters into her own hands. Literally. Her matters, btw. Then she asks Dare if he would let her suck his dick, which gives us this hilarious inner monologue [original is in italics]:

This time is supposed to be for her!
Yeah, well, she wants to suck cock — who are you to deny her?
And it’ll help take the pressure off. Oh, hell, yes. For sure!
Okay, but don’t let her swallow this first time. Might put her off.

I don’t know how many inner voices are talking there, but if it’s only two, I think they got confused about who was on the pro and who on the con side of the argument. Which is quite remarkable in four lines…

Anyway, Chassy finally gets to suck his dick, enjoying it thoroughly, until Dare has to fight for her to let go of his cock. He comes and tells Chassy:

“You’ve unmanned me, Chassy. Before now, I’ve never feared failing my partner to the point I had to bring myself off before mounting her.” [Okay, if my partner ever told me, I unmanned him, I’d probably be afraid to ever touch him again. I like my guys to be men and I don’t want to take their manhood and this is not a compliment. Really not.]

Chassy worries that this was it, but Dare doesn’t need a break, he’s still ready to deflower. Chassy thinks this is the perfect time to remind us that there’s a deeper meaning to it all: “I need you deep inside of me, filling my emptiness. Only you can do that.”

He starts to enter her, but pauses to explore the depths of their relationship. [People, why do you think that it’s the best idea to do this while you’re busy with other things?]

He gathered his courage and met her eyes, knowing she could see mingled hope and fear in his. “You’re so wet and ready. That kind of reaction can’t be faked. You really want me?”
She nodded, looking confused at his question. “I really want you, not your wicked reputation or your notorious past. Just you, Dare — and your cock in my pussy, fucking me like you mean it.” [I don’t think there would be a difference in wetness whether she wanted him for the reputation or for himself…]
My heart in your hands, loving you like no one else ever will. But he hadn’t gathered enough courage to say that out loud. [Oh, for crying out loud!] “So be it.” [What is this? A 19th century sentencing by a melodramatic judge?] He rubbed against her again, cock sliding and slipping in her wetness. She was as ready as he could make her.

Then they – finally – actually fuck. But Ms. Anthony won’t let you forget that this sex isn’t sex, it’s a metaphor and blablabla… GIVE ME THE DIRT, KEEP THE REST! I can figure it out for myself.

Sinking down over her, he took her lips, devoured her mouth, [I’d like to keep my mouth, thanks, I can’t have you eating it] thrusting his tongue into her honeyed depths [honeyed? no wonder he’s devouring her] to the same cadence he thrust into her pussy [that must be the worst kiss ever]. He drove in, drove deep, deeper, trying to find his home, his soul. 

As Chassy hasn’t been a virgin anymore for about three minutes already, we can start with the kinky stuff. Or at least that’s probably what Dare thinks and starts to spank her. Fear not, though, my dear bitchlings, he’s perfectly right to do it because Chassy goes off like a rocket. And starts to come, as does Dare. And then, I think, there’s some spontaneous combustion.

A firestorm of heat slammed into the back of his head, bowing his neck as flames licked up his spine. Mouth open in a soundless wail, he locked his fingers in the cheeks of her ass and lifted her into his thrusts, driving his cock to the depths again and again.

Unfortunately, they don’t both burn to death, but just collapse happily in each other’s arms. And Dare, in case you didn’t notice that Ms. Anthony was getting at a deeper level with this sex scene, “never felt more complete.


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