Carte Blanche (Camille Anthony in Charming the Snake) – Chapter Eight

CC had disappeared somewhere, leaving Chassy to fend for her own. Which is a bad idea, since already knocking twice on Dare’s door leaves her knuckles hurting. Dare doesn’t open, but some onlookers with knowing smiles pass Chassy, embarassing the hell out of her. Even though she usually doesn’t care what people think.

When Dare doesn’t open the door, she starts yelling that she knows he’s in there and that he is to open immediately. All the while, “a small, icy snake of fear” and “a lump of ice” are in her belly. Which cannot be pleasant.

Finally, Dare opens the door and pulls her into the apartment.

“What were you trying to do… ruin your reputation and blacken mine even further? [Nah… Dare’s pretty good at blackening his reputation on his own.] You know better than to show up at a bachelor’s digs without a chaperone.” He saw her mouth open and raised his voice, continuing before she could get a word in edgewise. “Chastity, you need spanking. Your behavior is unacceptable.” [What’s with the spanking? If this is not some kinky thing, I hate you for even suggesting it. For obvious reasons.]

Chassy reminds him that the night before, he invited her to his apartment, so he shouldn’t pretend to be innocent. And when Dare tries ye olde “that was your fault” thing, she actually sticks it to him. Go, Chassy!

“First, if I had been in control, you never would have left me last night. Second, I wouldn’t have been standing outside begging for you to let me in. Third, I wouldn’t still be a virgin… and a hungry one, at that!” [Where did the hungry part come in?]
Dare straightened away from the door and loomed over her. His eyes gleamed with a growing fire, an intimate flame [Metaphors with fire and ice are definitely being abused in this story.] that seared the tips of her stiffening nipples and twanged the cord that ran between her breast and her vagina. [She has a cord between her breast (only one?) and her vagina? What is this, some kind of chastity belt? Oh, maybe that’s why her name’s Chastity!]

Dare tells Chassy that she can have it her way and rips of his shirt [well, actually, he discards it, but I like to picture it differently, for the melodramatic effect]. Then he starts talking how he’s going to fuck her and how she’s going to come, while stalking her threateningly. Chassy is torn between being afraid and getting incredibly aroused by this.

She retreated further, never taking her eyes off his advancing form. Oh, god, he was beautiful. Even as menacing as he appeared now, he moved like living poetry in motion. [Poetry in motion / Walking by my side *sings*] Long legs fluidly, effortlessly brought him closer with every step. [Well, that’s what usually happens – you make a step, you get closer to something.] The shifting of his powerful thigh muscles drew her eyes to the huge bulge nestled between them. She pressed a hand over her heart to calm the frenzied pounding. Her other hand rested at the hollow of her throat where her pulse raced out of control. [Oh, come on, her heart beats quicker, her pulse runs quicker. You don’t have to tell me both…] She swallowed thickly. “N-now…”
“Yes, now,” he agreed, his voice raspy and low. “Once again you have taken control of me. [Yeah, that’s what it looks like…] I will not leave you. I am the one begging you to let me come in.” His sinful mouth smiled at her, his lustful eyes stared into hers. [Gnaaah. Say he smiled at her. He stared at her. Or anything else that does not include his sinful mouth and his lustful eyes…] “I will feed you so well from passion’s cup that you will no longer be hungry… or a virgin.” [Holy fucking shit, did she only mention she was hungry that he could use this metaphor??? I sincerely hope not, because it sucks. Big time.]
The nether lips between her legs actually fluttered. [Okay. That I really want to see.]

As the chapter ends, he starts to undress her.

At this point, I have to hand it to Ms. Anthony. I was all ready to cry “rape”, when she started with the menacing stalking around, but in this case, I have to say that it actually works out. There’s a chemistry. While I still think that it’s not the healthiest sexual innuendo I’ve ever seen, at least it’s not completely abusive and they both get off on it, so I can actually say, I’m fine with it. Wouldn’t have thought I’d say that…


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