Carte Blanche (Camille Anthony in Charming the Snake) – Chapter Four

Okay, let’s get right to it!

Body still so sensitive that her clinging nightgown was an irritant, Chassy flopped on her bed, fulminating thoughts running through her head. She was too heated and sexually frustrated to sleep, too angry at Dare for leaving her like this. How could he refuse her? How could he leave her aching and hurting like this?

She’s sexually frustrated after just having an orgams that had her undulating? And she’s angry at Dare, because she didn’t get to give him a blow job? Or maybe, because she couldn’t give him almost limitless power without asking anything in return? WThuh?

And I guess, she still has a date with him later that night, so get a grip, girl!

Well, Dare isn’t there right that second, so she starts masturbing. And while she masturbates, she thinks about herself masturbating. Oh yeah, baby, meta self pleasure!

[In the original, the quote’s in italics.]

In New India, during the seasonal heat, the land sweltered under the two suns of Paradyse. The damp, clammy air pressed close and heavy against her skin. At such times, she took to her room. Stripping off her clothes, she’d sluice her skin with the cool, room-tempered water in her washing basin. [Well, either the water’s cool or it’s room temperature, which in this case is so hot that she needs to take off her clothes and use the water to cool herself.]
[she also swirls her fingers while finger-fucking… weird…]
Languid minutes would pass as she pleasured herself, rising on a drifting cloud of sensation that threatened to dump her into a cauldron of boiling delight. [And that’s how she cools herself? With inconsistent imagery?]
delta of her sex [just as wet as the Nile delta!]
When the crisis came, she crested with a smothered scream, her balled fist stuffed in her mouth. [I know, I’m usually still calm, when other people already freak out, but calling an orgasm a crisis seems a bit much…]

Chassy and flashbackChassy come at the same time. And then Chassy starts to cry.

Dare had ruined her body for anyone but him. [At least, they’re not only equally possessive, they’re also equally ruined by each other.] Her orgasm had been nothing close to the one he’d given her in the garden. [Oh poor girl! The second orgams in what, two hours not as strong as the first? Yeah, that’s bad. I’m thinking terminal condition bad.]

She decides that she will ask Dare again, and this time insist on him accepting.


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