Seducing the Saint (Melissa Schroeder in Charming the Snake) – Conclusion

One recurring theme in all the books I dissect here was maybe at its peak in Seducing the Saint: A character doesn’t become self-reliant, managing, independent, etc… just because you say it’s so.
“Look, that’s Libby. Libby is the epitome of independence, even if she spends the entire novel being nothing but dependent and following orders.”
You’ve got to back those claims with action and talk that prove them.

It’s okay that a character needs help, she doesn’t have to do everything on her own. But having nothing but damsels in distress all the time sucks.

Apart from that more general observation, the story is fucked up. Irish Royalty on a planet two weeks travel time from earth? Fathers, who only want to make their daughters happy by disappearing for almost a year so she can hook up with that unreliable ex-boyfriend of hers? Agencies, which are so secret you don’t even know their name, but their agents spend their time hunting embezzlers? A universe at your disposal and aliens are mentioned once (in the first chapter) and the rest of the time, it’s human actors, albeit on different planets?

The whole thing doesn’t make sense.

And don’t even get me started on the names! Nomen est omen? In this case it’s more “nomen est contraria”. [Okay, now I’ve used up pretty much everything that’s left of six years of studying latin in school and all I got was this stupid pretentiousness.]

Seems to me, Schroeder set out to write a different book, changed her course in the middle of it and then didn’t want to edit the rest so it all fit together. Or maybe she just glued two books together and made sure that the main character’s names stayed the same.

Open Questions

Why didn’t Robbie Masters or John Hunter warn Libby and BtA?
Where the fuck has Sterling *cringe* been all this time?
Why did Tony’s and Sterling *cringe*’s characters go from one end of the spectrum to the next without explanation?
How come Libby, who is so intelligent and well-studied, believed every little rumour about the Funkai until they held a gun to her head (figuratively), but then, it was no problem to just accept that it was not like that?
Why was the whole thing in space and on a different planet? To include the Funkai, which were ultimately inconsequential? To be able to have sex on a space ship?
Will there be a sequel, where we discover that the Legend of the Snake King is actually true and somebody – with royal Irish blood – finds the emerald and rules the universe until Libby Jr and BtA Jr stop them?

And finally, and probably most importantly (and I asked it before): Who saw this novella/short story fit for publishing?

Eternal Truths Learned

A flesh wound on the shoulder is life threatening, makes you incoherent and requires you to stay in bed for three days.
When somebody practices BDSM, they have to hide in the woods, or else society will be out to get them.
When somebody practices BDSM, they don’t see women as individuals and their society is inherently patriarchal.
A woman is independent, when she protests before she follows orders.
Fathers are stupid, but they mean well. [Hey, this could actually… no, no…]

As usual, you’re very welcome to add to this list in the comment section.


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