Seducing the Saint (Melissa Schroeder in Charming the Snake) – Chapter Twelve

Finally, the last chapter!

Libby is more or less conscious while Hunter takes care of her life-threatening shoulder flesh wound. BtA holds her down and she talks incoherently (what is Hunter treating her with?) about how much she loves him and that she is sorry for leaving him in the first place.

“(…) Well, to make it up to me, you have to marry me.”
“Sure, Brady, anything you say.” [Now that I can believe. I think it’s the perfect answer for Libby in this relationship.]

With that, Libby actually falls asleep/becomes unconscious/drifts off.


Three days later, Libby still has to stay in bed (seriously? for a flesh wound?) and BtA takes care of her. She doesn’t like to stay in bed (especially, since there’s apparently no TV and BtA won’t let her read. Education is dangerous for women). But as usual, she does what he tells her to.

Sighing, she looked at the ring on her finger. He’d held her to her promise, but she’d insisted on a fast wedding. [So, she can’t get up, but there was time for a wedding?] At least, after they sorted out the mess of what had happened. After the dust had settled, they’d found out that both Masters and John were agents for some agency, although neither of them were forthcoming about just who they worked for. [How convenient… you have no explanation? Just tell everybody that you’re not at liberty to discuss that.] But they’d been watching Tony for months as he embezzled thousands of dollars from the government.

Then Libby gets angry that BtA never told her that he was royal. [Oh, come on… who cares? Maybe I’m somehow related to the Habsburgs – I wouldn’t even know, much less care… It’s like the year 2835 or something and he probably can still trace his ancestry to King Brian.]

Suddenly the door bursts open and Libby’s father storms into the room, shouting:

“What the hell have you done to my daughter, Saint?”

Libby hugs him and he asks about her shoulder.

“What did you do to yourself, Libby?” His voice was gruff with emotion, and she felt her own eyes sting with tears.
“What she did was risk her life to save your sorry ass, and you don’t even appreciate it.”
Slowly, her father set her aside and faced Brady. “And what did you do? Let her go off running around. You’re supposed to protect her.” [Because she’s a girl and can’t take care of herself.]

BtA and Sterling *cringe* start to fight, until Libby tells them to shut up. Which they actually do, but more out of surprise that she dared raise her voice than because she told them to.

“I can take care of myself.” The men looked at each other and smiled. [Ouch, ouch, ouch… When nobody believes you anymore, sweetie, then it’s time to think about what you’ve done to prove your claims.] “You’re going to piss me off.”
“Never mind that. [Translation: Who cares whether you’re pissed?] You’re safe, and that’s all that matters. Hunter says you’re good to go. Get your things and we can hop on out of here. I have some meeting down in New York City in a couple weeks, so we have to get going if I’m going to make it.”
“First of all –” Brady grabbed her arm and pulled her over to his side. “– she’s not going anywhere. And second of all, what the hell happened to your quest?”
“Not going anywhere?” Sterling looked at both of them, his eyes sparking, his face flushed with anger. “And just why do you have some say-so in that?”
“Because I’m her husband, and she’s staying with me.” [And nobody cares about what Libby wants… Maybe she would like to go to New York with her father who had been missing for the last year or so. Maybe BtA could go to? But it doesn’t matter. Since Libby’s married, she sold herself from her father’s care to her husband’s care and if he says she stays, she stays.]

Sterling *cringe* is not surprised by the fact that they are married, more surprised that they didn’t wait for him, because he would have liked to walk her down the aisle. BtA interrupts him with the question nobody seems to care about anymore, but which started the whole thing: Where had Sterling *cringe* been while he was missing?

“Oh, that.” Sterling shifted from one foot to the other. “Well, see, Libby was unhappy, and I had been researching things, and… it was a good plan.”
“I knew I made a mistake about Freemont, Libby. And I knew you’d never stopped loving Saint. So I figured out a way to give him to you.” [Why? This is so out of character. Sterling *cringe* spent his life being a selfish asshole and suddenly, it’s all about Libby? And who the hell does he think he is that he can just give people out like little gifts? And why does nobody hit him for being this stupid?]

Libby does get a little angry, but when BtA just thinks the whole thing is funny and sweet, she rather picks the fight with him than with her dad. Sterling *cringe* uses this chance to slip out. BtA consoles her with “it turned out alright” and things get back to normal.

He leaned down and brushed his lips against hers. “Your father is safe, your ex is in jail, and we’re married.” [Exactly the way it should be for every couple.]
She felt his erection against her stomach and her body responded in kind. “Saint, you know that you’re easy, don’t you?” [So are you, Libby, so are you…]
He smiled, his dimples in full force. [DIIIIIIIMMMMMMM-PLES! ATTENTION! AND FULL FORCE IN 3-2-1-NOW!] “Only where you’re concerned, love; only where you’re concerned.”

The End. Thank God.


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