Seducing the Saint (Melissa Schroeder in Charming the Snake) – Chapter Ten

So, Libby gets whisked away to be prepared for their love test, while BtA gets to drink elderberry wine with Funkai. Which is either also preparation, or an attempt to sabotage the whole thing by making BtA too drunk to perfom. Which seems to be rather easy as he already lost count of how much he had after the second glass. [Not kidding, no exaggeration.]

Funkai and BtA start to talk about Libby and how she’s a “managing woman”. I’m pretty sure they’re chuckling while they say that and shaking their head about her delusion. Their conversation quickly turns to bondage and BtA almost comes by just picturing Libby tied up while he spanks her. For some reason, this surprises him. It does not surprise me, though.

Anyway, BtA asks about what they’re hiding and Funkai admits that he’s one of the richest people in the whole universe, because of some special kind of steel that can only be found on Funkai land. He doesn’t want people to know, because then they would come and destroy the planet in search of Naper steel.

“How do you keep it secret if you tell everyone who comes through?” [That might be the first intelligent thing BtA ever said.]
“We don’t. I tell you because I’ve heard of your integrity. [You what? You’re basing the fate of your whole civilisation on some rumours you heard about some guy having integrity? I wouldn’t vote for you. Definitely not. Plus, BtA? Doesn’t seem to be so upright to me…] I was hoping I could convince you not to tell people you were here.”

Well, BtA doesn’t promise anything because in this moment, Walter comes along to tell them that Libby’s ready. Funkai tells Walter that he will lead BtA there himself.

Although surprise lightened Walter’s eyes, he showed no emotion on his face. [Come on, you will have to decide. His eyes are in his face. If nothing else changes but his eyes to convey surprise, which I find highly unlikely btw., there’s still emotion on his face.]

While Funkai takes BtA to the room where Libby is, he explains that there will be cameras, but there won’t be audio for the watchers – because that would be too private. There’s a phone in the room to order food [Jesus, how long do they have to stay in there? Or is it only food for kinky games?], good night, and good luck.

The room looks like a harem – red curtains everywhere and a big black iron bed. In the middle of this lacey interior design nightmare is Libby. And we get a detailed description of what she’s wearing, even though it’s not much. [On the other hand, I have no idea what BtA is wearing.] And because I feel a bit sadistic [maybe the Funkai are contagious], here’s the whole thing. Uncommented. Because it speaks for itself.

Her hair had been let loose and was a wild tangle of curls down her back. They’d applied makeup, not to overwhelm but to enhance her features, drawing on her quiet beauty. But, the outfit… holy mother of God. His blood churned and he lost all moisture in his mouth. Damn, she looked good in black.
It barely covered all the important parts. [Okay, I give up. I can’t just not comment. The important parts? What are the important parts? For example, in winter it’s really important for me that my nose is covered. And my fingers. When having sex, it is really important that nothing is covered.] The halter-like top consisted of a piece of soft fabric that had been looped around her back and then crossed over her breasts and tied behind her neck. Her midriff had been left bare by the low-riding genie-looking pants that were cinched at her waist and her ankles with bits of gold fabric. She walked toward him, and he almost fainted. As she moved, the pants did. [Well, I sure hope that her pants move with her. Else she would continuously undress herself be walking. She goes three steps, but the pants stay where they are – that’s a quite dumb concept.] The voluminous fabric was transparent enough to leave little to his imagination. His gaze roamed up her body, stopping at the gold choker around her neck. [So, she’s already wearing a choker… That can only get good…]

Libby wants to bitch about the outfit, but soon notices that BtA doesn’t respond, because he is too horny. Suddenly, Libby gets squeamish about the whole thing. BtA’s answer to this is to hug her and trying not to rape her.

He closed the distance between them and pulled her into his arms. She tucked her head beneath his chin and sighed. The scent of her, Libby and something musky, wild, filled his senses. It took every ounce of self-control he had left — and there wasn’t much — not to attack her. [Look, I know it’s difficult to convey an almost animalistic attraction between two characters in a novel, who should have such an attraction, while not entering rape territory. It’s a thin line. But Ms. Schroeder fails with such regularity to stay on the right side, it’s amazing.]

So, BtA tells Libby that it’s really exciting when somebody watches you fuck and anyway, “It’s just us back in that cave in Yentalen, and you’ve seduced me with your body, your smile… your heart.” [But mostly with your body.]

Finally, they get to it – as we all knew they would. [I really don’t need pages of apologies. You want to fuck? Fuck. You want to fuck in front of a bunch of weird dudes? Fuck in front of a bunch of weird dudes. As long as it’s in synch with the rest of the character, I don’t care. And if it’s not in synch with the character, you really should rethink writing that scene anyway.]

He kissed a path from her neck to her mouth. Cupping her chin, he leaned forward and brushed his lips against hers. Her eyes slid closed as he settled his mouth against hers. She immediately opened and he dove in. [Whole? Did she swallow him like in this one Roald Dahl story, Georgy Porgy?]

They make their way to the bed, BtA once again reiterating how fast Libby gets hot or wet. Or both. [I know now, okay? No need to repeat…] BtA throws Libby on it, undresses and wants to join her. But she stops him.

“No.” She slid to the edge of the bed, bringing her mouth level with his cock. “Beautiful.” [Obviously, she forgot all grammar or how to speak in full sentences at the sight of his dick. It really must be something.]

And finally, Libby can give him the blowjob she’s been waiting for so long.

Each time she drew to the top of his shaft, she twirled her tongue around the tip of it. He closed his eyes as she began working on him in earnest. Her rhythm increased as the sounds of her licking and slurping grew. [Licking and slurping? Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but when I give a blowjob, I don’t slurp. Do you?] One hand on his balls and one on his dick, she hummed against his skin. [Now, she licks, slurps and hums? She must be a beatbox…] 

Before BtA can actually come, he pushes her away. Because no orgasm is complete without being inside a woman. Thankfully, they don’t have to bother with undressing Libby, because there’s a slit in the trousers she’s wearing.

And here they go.

“Brady.” At the sound of his name, he felt his body explode. He continued to pump into her as his hot seed spurted. She began to convulse, her inner muscles pulling him deeper, drawing more seed from him. [So, she’s milking him. With her vagina. Right?]

They snuggle and fall asleep and leave me disappointed that the choker wasn’t used… God, how I would have enjoyed a little Libby-strangling…


When they wake up, BtA is ready for some more action. Libby’s a bit embarassed that she did it in front of a few people, but is easily convinced.

Desire flamed in her belly at the sensual heat in his eyes. But it was the warmth, the love, she saw that was her undoing. He had a beautiful body, a quick mind, but it was his eyes that always got her. Clear, dark blue, and all too perceptive. Every time he looked at her like this, she felt that he could see all the way into her soul. [Tone down the kitsch, okay? Stereotypes like that are too worn out to be anything other than cheesy.]

Libby tries one more time to tell him that they should talk about some things, that they should discuss some things. But BtA, not surprisingly, doesn’t listen, but undoes her top.

He began inching his way down her body. “Only with you, lass.” She thought he looked like a pirate with his long black hair and his Irish accent threading his voice. [Arr-Arr.] He settled his mouth on her pussy, his tongue darting between her lips, and all thoughts of plans drifted away as she gave herself up to the pleasure that only Brady could give her. [Because only BtA knows The Secrets of the Oral Sex… ]


In the morning, they are packing. BtA has resolved that he will find a way to stay with Libby (even if she doesn’t want him to). And he decided that he would pack the harem girl outfit.

They plan on following the same path they followed the day before (yes, that was only a day… I know, it feels like eternity… the whole story started only three days earlier. Doesn’t feel that way, does it?).

Libby is about to start to cry, because Sterling *cringe* could be dead or something, when Funkai, Walter and the others enter the room, all dressed in suits. They hand them their weapons, wish them good luck in their search and then Funkai drops that Tony Freemont was with Sterling.

And that’s it for that chapter.


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