Seducing the Saint (Melissa Schroeder in Charming the Snake) – Chapter Eight

So, Libby is taking a shower and BtA is coming in to join her.

Anticipation skated along his nerves [you never stop to learn… anticipation knows how to skate?] and sent another rush of blood to his cock. He glanced down, smiling wryly at his erection. [A question to the guys, if there’s any reading: Do you smile at your cocks?]

Well, Libby looks at him and he reacts to her gaze quite as much as she reacted to his – with an almost orgasm at the spot.

He gets into the shower and starts to rub himself against her, using the soap as an excuse. Her reaction is:

“I already finished washing, Brady.” [Oh, really? You don’t say… and he only touches you because you’re filthy…] Her voice was husky with a touch of humor. [Now, we’ve got voices that went deeper with desire and I don’t know what… but husky with humor?]

BtA starts tugging on her nipples and the sex really starts.

Bending his head, he skimmed kisses along her shoulder and then moved to her neck as he continued pulling on her nipples. Libby moved her hands to the shower wall, but said nothing, showed no other reaction. [Do I understand it correctly that she’s standing there like if she was searched by the police? How… sexy?] He smiled. Libby loved to play games. She saw foreplay as a way to engage in a battle to see who would crumble and beg first. Was it any wonder he had to have her any chance he got? [Yes? I don’t think that’s a very attractive description of foreplay, to be honest. Maybe the reason she doesn’t react is that you’re playing tug of war with her nipples…]

BtA starts to fingerfuck her and almost immediately brings her to orgasm. God, I wish I’d come that easily… Anyhow, shortly before she actually does come, he stops and waits for her to beg a bit. Because begging is not degrading at all and very sexy.

“Bend over more, Libby.” She complied immediately, [surprise!] her body fairly quivering with the need for her release. He took his cock in hand and pushed at her entrance, just letting the tip enter. Her muscles teased [Isn’t teasing like a conscious act? I mean, maybe she’s in full control of the muscles in her pelvic floor, even when she’s really excited, but I doubt it. If it is the case, I apologise and I am awed.] and tensed around him and he closed his eyes. Damn, that felt good. Slipping into her was like heaven every time. [I don’t know what to say to that. Like heaven? Really?] She wiggled, apparently irritated with his slow movements. He knew he might be able to hold out a little longer, but the need clawing at him took over. In one thrust, he planted himself fully inside her. She clamped down hard around him. For just a moment, he held still, enjoying the feel of her sweet pussy. But soon, his body begged for more — for release.

So, after all the exciting begging, they finally come both. And can I just point out that, again, they didn’t use a condom?! For Pete’s sake, people, there are STDs in this world! And especially with a guy like BtA, who fucks anything that moves, you should be extra careful.

Anyway, instead of panicking – “I need the morning-after pill and an AIDS test! Like, yesterday!” – this is what we get:

Moments later, he leaned back, his cock still inside her, and slid his arms around her body. He kissed the side of her neck and she gave a little contented sigh. He was helpless to fight the warmth that curled into his heart when he heard the little sound. It was if she had never left, and he knew truthfully she hadn’t. She’d been right there all along. [Even though she was married to another guy and they hadn’t spoken in years and I don’t know what, she was always there… How deep…]


They finally make it to the bed and sleep, although at some point during the night, Libby wakes up because Brady’s got his mouth on her. But this time, we don’t get the full story, but it’s cut to the next morning.

Surprisingly, BtA is not waiting in the bed for Libby to bring him his breakfast. Instead, he isn’t there at all. And because he is such a great guy, the first thing Libby does is to check, if his backpack’s still there. [“He might have thought about leaving her behind for her own safety”… yeah, right.] Which, unfortunately, it is.

She stretched her arms over her head, trying to work the soreness out of her muscles. It’d been a long time since she’d used a lot of them. [What the hell went on last night that her arms are sore? And why doesn’t she use her arm muscels every day? Because I’m pretty sure, I do use them daily. Actually, I’m really sure that I’m using them right now.]

Well, she manages to sit up, when BtA comes back. Libby is still naked, so of course, there’s sexual innuendo.

The heat in his voice did funny things to her stomach. [That sounds like, “Mummy, sometimes Daddy touches me and then he looks all funny.”] He leaned down and kissed her, never closing his eyes. Arousal darkened the blue [I really would like to know if my eye colour changes when I’m aroused… I sure as hell never noticed something like that with the guys I was with. Then again, I usually had better things to do than to hold colour charts to their eyes…], but there was something, something that scared the hell out of her. [Bloodlust? Murder?]

But before she can think more about the feelings she has and he might have or whatever can be seen in his eyes, he stops kissing her and tells her to get dressed, because they don’t have time.

“Sure, Saint.” [Of course, she does what he tells her to.] She drew out his name, and his eyes narrowed.
She bit her lip, trying not to laugh. “Woman, you don’t know who you’re messing with. [Watch out, he’ll hit you again!] Get in there and get ready.”
He turned on his heel and left.

After BtA makes his exit, which, honestly, would have been worth of Mariah Carey or _insert diva name here_, and all because Libby dared to laugh about him [or call him Saint, I’m not sure, which one it is], Libby giggles for a bit and then starts to cry. Which might be the first sensible reaction she’s had regarding BtA.

Anyway, she says it’s because of stress and stuff and because of the fact that she’s still in love with BtA. So, don’t get your hopes up that she will actually realise what a bastard he is.


They walk through the rainforest, BtA thinking about how quiet Libby is [not like all the other women who can only yack about unimportant things and bore him to death] and how he can’t enjoy it as usual. He has noticed that Libby has cried, but of course, hasn’t asked her why. Instead he preferred to make his own assumptions. [Sterling’s *cringe* disappearance? The sex?]

Finally, Libby breaks the silence and asks, where they are going. They have only been walking through the forest for like hours, but that’s beside the point. BtA tells her that they will soon be entering Funkai territory. [Btw. how would you pronounce Funkai? I think it should sound like funky, only rhyming with okay. Does that make any sense? Anyway, I always see some posh girl in my head, who says, “I’m going to a funk-é part-é!” Not the most fitting mental image.]

Anyway, they start talking about the Funkai.

“The perverts.”
He shot a smile over his shoulder.“To each his own.” [Of course, he would say that.]
“There’s a difference between sexual preference, and abduction and rape.”
“I agree.” [Do you?] He faced forward again. “And that’s why they came here. There weren’t that many people settled here. So they could come up with their own laws.” [Making something legal doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right…]
“Of course.”Her sarcasm wasn’t lost on him. He agreed. They were scum, but debating whether they should be hunted down by the Intergalactical Strike Force and imprisoned wasn’t important right now. Getting across the area undetected was. [Which means that you have to agree with what the Funkai do… right…]
“I think they should be hunted down and castrated.”

Which is of course the perfect moment for BtA to hear something behind them and telling Libby to shout up. Libby again thinks is the perfect moment to be disgruntled by his tone for the first time ever. Anyway, she does shut up.

“Now, what do we have here, Joe?” asked an amused male voice. Apprehension curled in his gut and stole his breath. Looking back over his shoulder, he noticed three men, all of average height, wearing what looked like loincloths. [They have to be evil, because they’re not properly dressed.] All of them were heavily armed. He counted at least two knives on each of them. [Sorry, but two knives each is not heavily armed in my book. Maybe my standards are off, but I would have said to guns each starts to cross the line to heavily armed. Other than that, it’s just armed.] Their chests were bare, and all of them had tattoos on the right shoulder. [Ugh, tattoos… another sign that they have to be evil.]

If you haven’t guessed yet: Yes, they’re Funkai.


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