Seducing the Saint (Melissa Schroeder in Charming the Snake) – Chapter Seven

When the bad guys are gone, BtA wonders about Libby’s reaction when they mentioned the Emerald Project. He decides to ask her about her sudden fear, when they get to the inn.

“Let’s get going.”
She nodded and fell in behind him. Not five minutes later, the smell of wood burning, signaling the outpost was near, allowed him to relax a bit more.
“Are we near?” [Du-uh… you can smell the fire, so either you’re near or there’s a forest fire.]

The outpost is an assembly of shacks, one of them the inn. BtA decides, it would be best to enter inconspicuously *ahem* through the back door. Really, the best way not to draw attention to yourself is by not entering through the entrance.

BtA knocks and is greeted by the man of my dreams (well, one of them)… John Hunter. First, he insults BtA, which makes him my own personal hero:

“What the hell do you want, you Irish bastard?”

Well, he doesn’t really mean it, unfortunately. BtA snaps something back and Hunter immediately realises that it is no time for jokes, which gets him back on my good side.

“What are you doing in these parts, Saint?” His uppercrust British accent [Nice… though Scottish would have been nicer.] was in full force tonight, thought Brady. Hunter used to be an arms runner. The best in the biz. He stood about the same height as Brady but outweighed him by at least fifty pounds, all muscle. He’d grown up with money and rejected it and the role his family had wanted him to play. [A rebel! (But not in the in-your-face way Brady is one.)] Something they had in common. But Hunter had actually been a true bastard by birth, the product of a high-ranking British aristocrat and his middle-class black mistress. [After Charles and Diana and, I don’t know, like a thousand years of technical evolution till Humans have their own private space ships, England is a) still a monarchy and b) still cares about nobility? Honestly, I find that hard to believe.] His father’s aristocratic bone structure with Hunter’s mocha-colored skin, not to mention his dark, brooding presence, made him a favorite of many females of any species. [Yes, I’m joining that club…]

Well, hello good looking! I’m so sorry you’re only a minor character, for I would have loved to spend a lot of time with you. [I have to admit here that optically Ms. Schroeder knows how to describe a guy. Robbie sounded nice and even BtA is good-looking…]

Anyway, let’s get back to the story. BtA asks Hunter if he has seen Sterling *cringe* Wainwright – yes, he was on his way through 3, 4 months ago – and whether 3 o3 4 guys came by a few minutes before – yes, they even got a room. In between, BtA gets all recreational about Libby, additionally to him being overprotective, he now wants to make babies with her, so he can overprotect them as well.

Libby sighed, and her shoulders slumped as if the weight of the news [that Sterling passed through and hasn’t been seen since] had added another five pounds to her load. Anger sparked in his stomach. Dammit. The woman shouldn’t have to chase after her father like he was a five-year-old. [Yeah, she should be chasing after BtA like he was a five-year-old!] When he got ahold of Sterling, he was going to give him a good thrashing. [Because that solves everything, especially a lifetime of bad habits.] Libby should be off living her own life, pursuing her career, or having babies. [Or both!]
That thought almost knocked him on his ass. He’d never asked if she’d had children, but he knew Libby, and she would never leave her children behind, even for Sterling [Yeah, because once a woman has children, she can’t leave their side like ever. Even going to work is out of the question. Nevermind that the father is rich and possibly better suited to take care of them. A woman has to stay with her kids. Period.] . And just why the hell was he thinking about Libby and babies anyhow? Wasn’t like he wanted anything to do with kids. His childhood was screwed up beyond anything by the time he ran away, and he knew he wasn’t father material. [With a screwed up childhood, you can never be a good parent. Better forget that right now. Fortunately, accidents happen. Because if nobody with a screwed up childhood had any kids, we’d be extinct. Since centuries.] And just why the fuck was he thinking about it now?

Anyway, BtA asks Hunter for a room. Hunter flirts a bit with Libby. BtA explodes because he marked his territory before. But he should have pissed on her, to really make it stick, because Libby even flirts back a bit. [Oh my goodness, will she get a beating for this…]

He offered his hand to shake, and Libby, stupid woman that she was, did just that. [Because it really, really is stupid to be polite and shake hands with guys.] But Hunter placed his other hand on top of hers. “I read your article about the new data retrieval machine you helped create. It was truly fascinating.” [HUNTER HAS A BRAIN!!! He’s even more my dream guy right now…]
Even in the dim light, he could see her face flush under Hunter’s attention. Irritation crept up Brady’s spine.
“I thought that after you have had some time to refresh yourself, you could join me for a discussion on it.” Hunter’s voice was low, coaxing, and made Brady want to wrap his fingers around the man’s neck. [I so enjoy this, I can’t even tell you. Hunter irritating the hell out of BtA is just what I need to cool a bit of my fury against this guy…]
Libby, instead of noticing what a player Hunter was, giggled. [Of course she doesn’t notice, when a guy flirts with her, because women never do. And women also never know how to flirt back, so they giggle. And they never enjoy a good flirt. Like ever…] Actually giggled like a fifteen-year-old with a crush.

Before Libby can agree to anything, BtA interrupts and they make their way up to the room. What a pity… Now, again, I will only get sex with BtA [but I won’t be thinking about him ;)]. I don’t even see a threesome happening… *sniff*

The room has it’s own bathroom and a huge bed, so that’s okay. Hunter leaves them to it. Libby has cut her hands open, when BtA pushed her in the undergrowth (and amazingly didn’t ravish her there and then), so he takes a look at the cuts while asking her about what happened, when the guys mentioned the Emerald Project.

Libby starts to tell this really boring story about how she was looking for funding for some project or other, and of course, she was looking for funding from her ex-husband’s company. She got the money, started the preparations and then, the money was taken from her and used for the Emerald Project. So she asked Tony-hubby, what that project was about. Because the project took away her money, she figured that she had a right to know or something. But he wouldn’t tell her, so she assumed that it was something illegal. And we all know, when there’s something illegal happening, Libby is out of there. So she left Tony. [Btw., Ms. Schroeder: It’s “take over the reins” not “the reigns”. KThnx.]

And now, she is going to take a shower.

He worried his lower lip [is that some kind of saying I’ve never heard before? And how do you worry your lower lip?] and almost bit it when he heard the water start. Just the thought of Libby naked, the water sluicing over her body, dripping from her nipples…
Damn, he was hard as a pike. It was either join her, or wait until she came out. [Or taking deep breaths and wait till the hard-on subsides. Or masturbate.] The temptation was too great, and knowing that Hunter would be alert to any problems, Brady decided to take advantage of this one night they would have uninterrupted. [How do you know? Maybe the search is totally boring and you will have night after night, where all you can do is fuck…] He walked to the door and tested the knob. It turned easily, and Brady took that as a good sign. [She didn’t lock the door, so she must want to sleep with him.]


Libby is in the shower and has a flashback, inspired by thinking about how thrilled she was, when BtA got all possessive (o_O). Oh joy.

[In the original, the flashback is in italics. I’ll keep it in the usual fashion that italics in brackets are my comments, and normal text is the text from the book.]

BtA wants to have some wine on a planet where it’s forbidden to drink alcohol and he wants Libby to come along. Libby doesn’t want to, but we all know that she will cave in eventually.

He crossed his arms and stared at her. Those blue eyes sparked with defiance, and his frown deepened. It should piss her off that he was even thinking of doing this. Breaking into a store to grab a bottle of wine, in a sector of town they were forbidden to be in. [Why are there even stores with alcohol on this planet, if nobody’s allowed to drink, not even tourists?] But all she could feel were the telltale signs of excitement heating her blood. Her pulse accelerated, her nipples hardened. Dammit, there was something really wrong with her if she got off on this kind of thing. [Why? Danger’s exciting. That’s a fact of life. It’s usually not that healthy, but hey, you can’t have everything.] She was not a thrillseeker.

Of course, BtA gets Libby to do what he wants. And you know how? Yes… with the old dare trick. And even though Libby knows that she’s being manipulated in the cheapest and most obvious way, she gives in. Because she has no self-restraint and no brain when it comes to BtA.

An hour later, with the militia on their tail, Brady led her down a series of alleys until they knew they had made it out without being identified. [How did they know that? What’s the signs when you’re identified and what’s the signs when you aren’t and how can running around in a couple of alleys tell you?]
Both of them were laughing so hard, they could barely breathe. Brady lifted her with one arm [over his head, probably]; his hand held the cheap bottle of wine they’d set out toget, and he smacked her on the lips. [In the light of what I know of BtA, I think this is smack in the sense of hit and not of kiss…]
She laughed louder, thinking she’d never felt that free. [No thrillseeker, huh?]

At this point, we come back to the present. The bathroom door opens and BtA comes in. Libby looks at his erection and immediately gets her own her nipples harden.

“Got room for one more?”

At least he asks for her permission this time.


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