Seducing the Saint (Melissa Schroeder in Charming the Snake) – Chapter Six

So, Libby and BtA are hiking through the rainforest. Libby is pretty beat, as she has gone a little soft the past years on earth. The second sun is setting and they are about five minutes from the inn they want to spend the night in.

Thinking about the inn immediately turns her thoughts to sex. But they’re interupted when BtA goes all paranoid and Libby feels a chill in her neck and they start running. Although the inn was only five minutes walking distance, they don’t reach it. Instead, BtA pushes Libby into the underbush and throws himself after her. They wait for a bit and – Lord of the Rings like – footsteps pass them by on the road.

Libby starts calculating the odds of having to fight and how many people she and Brady could take out.

The murmur of conversation drifted to her, and she realized they were probably human from the speech and accent. Bounty hunters? Oh, shit. [Why is she thinking Bounty Hunters? The rainforest rapists are human, too?] If they had prices on their heads, they were in trouble. Especially on this planet. She strained to catch any of it, and the one thing she did hear was her name and her father’s. [People always hear the convenient things. If it was me, I’d probably only understand “and… no… yes… so… what…”] Then the two words she hadn’t thought she would hear.
Emerald Project.

Cue ominous music, scene cut.


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