Seducing the Saint (Melissa Schroeder in Charming the Snake) – Chapter Five

So, Libby and Brady-the-Asshole get dressed as they approach Dranirick (or, probably, Typewriter Spasm, as John Scalzi would call it), which Libby takes as an excuse to ponder life, the universe and everything. In her case, though, the answer is not 42.

Glancing at Brady, she thought about her time with Tony and the reason she could never really respond to him in bed. They had decent sex, but nothing fun, nothing even passionate. [Well, did you ask him if he wanted to have something a little extravagant to get the passion going? Easy to say that you just hadn’t had good sex. I firmly believe that you can have good sex with anyone, if the rest is alright, you just need to talk it out and try… If you want it to work, it will.] For the most part, it hadn’t bothered Tony. He was from a family where marriages were often made because of connections and not love. Their marriage had been based on shared interests and mutual respect. [Which is a very good basis, I have to say, a very good one. But if you aren’t in love, you aren’t in love. And that is that.]
(…) Their divorce had been polite and amicable. Tony hadn’t put up much of a fight after she told him there was no way she could stay with him. [The way she talks about Tony, it seems like he doesn’t care about anything…]
Brady swore when he flipped the wrong switch. [It’s his ship, for crying out loud… Can’t he fly it?] He continued to mutter as he fixed the problem, and she felt her lips curve. Brady would never settle for a reserved divorce. He would have fought her to the end. [And that’s attractive? I mean, yeah, all this romantic crap about the guy fighting for the girl and blablabla, but honestly, if I want a divorce, I don’t want the guy to fight for me. I would want him to let me go, with the least fuzz possible, probably ensuring a good relationship even after seperation… That isn’t bad.]

Again, Brady-the-Asshole orders Libby around, again she follows the orders, even if this time, she mutters a sarcastic reply (probably too soft for BtA to hear, though…).
Brady looks at her and states that they won’t be able to pretend that nothing happened, meaning that “he wouldn’t let her”. At that, Libby gets angry (finally).

“First off, I determine what I want and where I want it.” [No, sweetie… You should determine it, but you’re pretty good at letting BtA do it.] She kept her gaze on the bluishred planet of Dranirick.“ And secondly, I don’t like the fact that you would even think I would be a coward about it.” [Oh, because it takes so much courage to talk about sex or the implications of it. Just thinking about having to do it, sends my pulse through the roof… It’s just like parachuting.]

BtA tells her that this time she will have to talk about why she left the last time. Libby gives us the explanation – his lack of ethics always compromised her and she walked out before she started to hate him and herself. [Well, Libby explains it much longer and with phrases like dying soul in it for good measure, but that’s the gist of it.]

In this mission, though, Libby knows that she will have to compromise to save her father.


We get a bit of background info on Dranirick (I always want to type Drainrick… I don’t know why…).

Brady pressed his thumb on the identification machine and then stepped back for Libby to do the same. As she brushed past, her scent drifted to him, and he had to resist grabbing her and taking her back on the ship. His nerves were already raw, and being on Dranirick was going to make it worse. Most of the planet was an unmapped rainforest. They’d had many species on the planet, but the most serious threat came from the Funkai. Funkai were actually a group of humans from Earth whose sexual preferences included abduction and rape. When too many of their members had ended up in jail, they moved to Dranirick because it had been wide open for settlers, no laws.

So, BtA and Libby are on a planet full with sexual predators, where BtA’s already raw (sex) nerves would get even worse… I would have thought that BtA would feel right at home there…

But at least, they’re human, too. So we won’t get to read a (near) rape story with aliens and tentacles and shit. Because we all know that that’s coming, right?

Poor Libby! If the Funkai don’t get her, BtA will.


They start to hike through the rainforest, Libby trying to gain the upper hand by pointing out that she hired BtA, even though she can’t pay him. At least, not with money.

But BtA more or less tells her to shut it and follow his orders, because only he can protect her from the evil rainforest rapists. And of course she does, because he tells her that she’s smart. And we all know that no woman can withstand flattery.

“Let’s get on our way. I want to be hunkered down before night.”
Even as he turned his thoughts to the trek ahead of them, anticipation jumped along his nerve endings. A room, a bed, and Libby — a man couldn’t ask for more than that. [Well, maybe you could ask for her consent this time…]


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