Savage Scavenge (MaryJanice Davidson in Charming the Snake) – Chapter Ten

Back at home, Jaz discusses things with his friend Jody. Jody takes Gladys’ side

“Out of all the people she could have picked, she picked you.”
“I was just a convenient cock, a drippy dick, a –” [annoying and awful alliterarion]
“I get where you’re going with this,” Jody said dryly. “Look, Jaz, it’s not her fault she doesn’t get it. [Doesn’t get what? What being a mute’s like?] She can’t, okay? She’s not the one worried about the government or Brennan and his goons –”
“Brennan’s dead.” [If you were wondering, Brennan was mentioned once before, in the first chapter, but only insofar as Gladys thought about Jamie and Jamie used to steal for Brennan. Who he is? No idea.]

Well, Jody rubs Jaz’s face in the fact that he is a snob, not wanting a baby with Gladys [although he actually says that he didn’t want a baby at all, anyway]. I don’t know how often Jaz got told that he is a snob in this short story [even though he’s obviously a racist, not a snob] and it never had much of an effect, but now, now it suddenly makes him think?

Jody is not the most compassionate friend you can imagine.

“Poor thing. You got laid, won the contest, and maybe you’ll have a baby with the smartest, most compassionate woman any of us have ever met. What a living hell your life must be.”

Look, although everybody tries so hard to make this about the woman he’s probably going to have a baby with, it’s not. It’s not about who or what she is, it’s about the fact that she used him to get pregnant and he wasn’t asked. And that is not okay. He didn’t willingly and knowingly donate his sperm, and just because Gladys is actually smart and good-looking doesn’t make her decision any better.
If you want a baby without a father, fine by me. But then don’t involve the father. If Gladys hadn’t told him about the “sperm theft” (I use this term very reluctantly.), nobody would have cared about it, even if it still wasn’t the best way to go about this thing. But she told him and he has a right to say that he doesn’t want to do this and he doesn’t have to be pressured into anything. And foremost, he does have the right to think about it before he makes his decision. Not after the decision is made for him.

Okay. Rant’s over now. *deep breath*

Jody tells Jaz that Gladys might not even be pregnant.

“No baby?” He was shocked. Then shocked he was shocked. “But she really wants one.” [Yes, we got that by now. Thank you.]

Well, although Jaz never wanted to have the baby, the possibility that he could have one, combined with the pressure from his best friend and the insults from Gladys make him want to see her. [I’m guessing that Jaz subconsciously is a bottom.] So, he asks Jody to bring him there and she beams him over (I was so waiting for someone to be able to beam… No mutant story can do without that.).


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