Seducing the Saint (Melissa Schroeder in Charming the Snake) – Chapter Nine

So, there they are, in the middle of the rainforest and are staring at three Funkais.

The tension between the group of men and Brady crackled. Libby wanted to step in and try to talk their way out of it. Brady would get pissed. [Yes, he would… you don’t take responsibility or try to help. Men can’t handle that at all. You’d just get hit again.]

Almost immediately, Libby goes from “Castrate those bastards, no questions asked” to “Let’s see, what we actually know about them…”
Turns out that they maybe don’t actually deserve all the bad press they’ve been getting. Admittedly, they wander barefoot in a rainforest and don’t wear shirts, but that’s no crime. Yet. And they can’t be that evil, because they’re strictly monogamous and respect it with others.

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Seducing the Saint (Melissa Schroeder in Charming the Snake) – Chapter Eight

So, Libby is taking a shower and BtA is coming in to join her.

Anticipation skated along his nerves [you never stop to learn… anticipation knows how to skate?] and sent another rush of blood to his cock. He glanced down, smiling wryly at his erection. [A question to the guys, if there’s any reading: Do you smile at your cocks?]

Well, Libby looks at him and he reacts to her gaze quite as much as she reacted to his – with an almost orgasm at the spot.

He gets into the shower and starts to rub himself against her, using the soap as an excuse. Her reaction is:

“I already finished washing, Brady.” [Oh, really? You don’t say… and he only touches you because you’re filthy…] Her voice was husky with a touch of humor. [Now, we’ve got voices that went deeper with desire and I don’t know what… but husky with humor?]

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Seducing the Saint (Melissa Schroeder in Charming the Snake) – Chapter Seven

When the bad guys are gone, BtA wonders about Libby’s reaction when they mentioned the Emerald Project. He decides to ask her about her sudden fear, when they get to the inn.

“Let’s get going.”
She nodded and fell in behind him. Not five minutes later, the smell of wood burning, signaling the outpost was near, allowed him to relax a bit more.
“Are we near?” [Du-uh… you can smell the fire, so either you’re near or there’s a forest fire.]

The outpost is an assembly of shacks, one of them the inn. BtA decides, it would be best to enter inconspicuously *ahem* through the back door. Really, the best way not to draw attention to yourself is by not entering through the entrance.

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Seducing the Saint (Melissa Schroeder in Charming the Snake) – Chapter Six

So, Libby and BtA are hiking through the rainforest. Libby is pretty beat, as she has gone a little soft the past years on earth. The second sun is setting and they are about five minutes from the inn they want to spend the night in.

Thinking about the inn immediately turns her thoughts to sex. But they’re interupted when BtA goes all paranoid and Libby feels a chill in her neck and they start running. Although the inn was only five minutes walking distance, they don’t reach it. Instead, BtA pushes Libby into the underbush and throws himself after her. They wait for a bit and – Lord of the Rings like – footsteps pass them by on the road.

Libby starts calculating the odds of having to fight and how many people she and Brady could take out.

The murmur of conversation drifted to her, and she realized they were probably human from the speech and accent. Bounty hunters? Oh, shit. [Why is she thinking Bounty Hunters? The rainforest rapists are human, too?] If they had prices on their heads, they were in trouble. Especially on this planet. She strained to catch any of it, and the one thing she did hear was her name and her father’s. [People always hear the convenient things. If it was me, I’d probably only understand “and… no… yes… so… what…”] Then the two words she hadn’t thought she would hear.
Emerald Project.

Cue ominous music, scene cut.

Seducing the Saint (Melissa Schroeder in Charming the Snake) – Chapter Five

So, Libby and Brady-the-Asshole get dressed as they approach Dranirick (or, probably, Typewriter Spasm, as John Scalzi would call it), which Libby takes as an excuse to ponder life, the universe and everything. In her case, though, the answer is not 42.

Glancing at Brady, she thought about her time with Tony and the reason she could never really respond to him in bed. They had decent sex, but nothing fun, nothing even passionate. [Well, did you ask him if he wanted to have something a little extravagant to get the passion going? Easy to say that you just hadn’t had good sex. I firmly believe that you can have good sex with anyone, if the rest is alright, you just need to talk it out and try… If you want it to work, it will.] For the most part, it hadn’t bothered Tony. He was from a family where marriages were often made because of connections and not love. Their marriage had been based on shared interests and mutual respect. [Which is a very good basis, I have to say, a very good one. But if you aren’t in love, you aren’t in love. And that is that.]
(…) Their divorce had been polite and amicable. Tony hadn’t put up much of a fight after she told him there was no way she could stay with him. [The way she talks about Tony, it seems like he doesn’t care about anything…]
Brady swore when he flipped the wrong switch. [It’s his ship, for crying out loud… Can’t he fly it?] He continued to mutter as he fixed the problem, and she felt her lips curve. Brady would never settle for a reserved divorce. He would have fought her to the end. [And that’s attractive? I mean, yeah, all this romantic crap about the guy fighting for the girl and blablabla, but honestly, if I want a divorce, I don’t want the guy to fight for me. I would want him to let me go, with the least fuzz possible, probably ensuring a good relationship even after seperation… That isn’t bad.]

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Seducing the Saint (Melissa Schroeder in Charming the Snake) – Chapter Four

Where we left off in the last chapter: Libby of the Weird Name was seducing Brady-the-Asshole by bending over in front of the fridge to look for something to eat.

Liquid heat poured through her. Brady could always do that with just a touch. A word. The man had some secret skill for seduction. He never had to work hard when it came to her. [Well, does he have a secret skill or is she keeling over really quickly?] She tried her best to shake her head, clear her thoughts. But the rising tide of arousal swept over her, through her, and she felt her control slipping. From their history, she knew she was helpless to resist once she started going under. He murmured something against her skin. She couldn’t understand the words, but the sound of his voice, low and unmistakably aroused, danced down her spine. [Tapdancing? Breakdance? No… it must be virile Flamenco…]
(… he puts his hand inside her trousers…)
“Hmm.” His teeth grazed her earlobe, and his heated whisper shook her to her core. “I think I’m right. Never knew a woman who got so wet so fast.” [You know what? Don’t compare me to other women? Kthnx…]

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Seducing the Saint (Melissa Schroeder in Charming the Snake) – Chapter Three

If you still remember [I know, I didn’t have time for the snark these past days], we left Libby and Brady pressed against a wall, with Robbie Masters knocking on the door, offering his help.

And because it’s a bad, bad world, anybody who offers their help cannot be trusted. Ever.

Liberty watched Brady raise his finger to his lips. The muscle in his jaw [Which one? As far as I can recall, there’s more than one muscle in the jaw.] twitched as he ground his teeth together. From the narrowed-eyed look he sent her, he wasn’t happy with the situation. [Why? Wasn’t he like BFF with Robbie a couple of chapters ago?]

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