Savage Scavenge (MaryJanice Davidson in Charming the Snake) – Chapter Five

Jaz and Gladys are on their way (we don’t know yet where, but most likely in the C-sector), when Jaz says that they have to stop at a Super-Wal-Value and he disappears into the supermarket, leaving Gladys to think a bit, about his broad shoulders and the “arresting dark head”, leading to his hair colour and her first contact with mutes – Jamie.

They [the people in the supermarket] must assume it’s hair color, something he has professionally done, she thought. And colored contacts. She remembered the first time she’d met Jamie and realized the blue hair was natural.
The first, irrational thought had been, Mute! Get away from it! What if it’s dangerous?
She’d managed to stay and finish the exam, and was shocked to find Jamie was smart.
Smart and funny and fearless — not at all what she had been expecting. [yeah, history has that way of repeating itself… first it was the black people who were stupid and little, if at all, better than monkeys, now it’s the mutes.]

Well, the homo sapiens [I’m using her terminology here, I’m not sure that the mutants aren’t homo sapiens anymore] got told that mutants were stupid and not dangerous, and that the government watched them closely anyway (where is the civil rights movement? So not okay!). And Gladys, just like everybody else, believed them, but found the lies out one by one. Now she knows that they are not stupid and very dangerous, if you mess with them [If that’s the case, why does she want to live in the C-Sector with them? And why does she help them so much?].

Anyway, Jaz finally gets back and they can get going again.

She instantly pulled away from the curb. “It’s about time, I must say! What was so important that we had to stop? People’s lives could be at risk, you know.” [He was the one, who came to get her and she doesn’t even know what kind of emergency they’re headed to, so, I think, it’s safe to say that he knows better than her, if they can make a stop or twenty.]
“Hey, I can’t show up without these babies, baby. [Slap in the face for calling a grown woman you just met “baby”.] Take a left at the light, and take a right at the one after.”
“What is it?”
The bag rustled as he showed her what he had bought. She stared at them and nearly ran the red light.
“They’re water wings.”

Yep, he bought water wings. And Gladys still doesn’t know, what she’s gonna have to do. But who cares? She obviously doesn’t. Even if it’s some kind of medical procedure that involves water wings. [Hmm, would be interesting to see what Dr. House did with that…]


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