Savage Scavenge (MaryJanice Davidson in Charming the Snake) – Chapter Four

The red-haired-guy and Gladys make their way to the elevator, while red-hair (why do all the “bad” characters always have red hair, anyway?) assesses Gladys.

She pressed B, then turned and looked at him with sober, dark eyes. Brown hair, brown eyes, too skinny, too tall.Your typical twentieth-century [correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t 2072 in the twenty-first century?] Homo sapiens. He felt a little sorry for her… it must suck not to evolve. [Oh my goodness, finally, the penny has dropped… mute = mutant!]

Gladys wonders how red-hairs got into her apartment and asks him:

“I’d like to know. Can you fly? Walk up walls? Teleport? Can you disrupt the air around you — is that what happened to my deck door? Can you –” [Wow, those mutants must be really cool… unfortunately, the science doesn’t really hold up with that… but that’s a usual problem with mutant stories and one that I’m willing to neglect.]
“What rude questions from the great Dr. Loder,” he said with mock amazement. Actually, not so mock. By contemporary standards, they 
were rude questions. The twentieth-century [twenty-first!] equivalent of asking, “So, are you planning to ever lose all that weight?” [Oh, I’m pretty sure that in the twenty-first century it is equally rude to ask when you’re going to lose weight. Society can’t have evolved that much.] 
Gladys blushes, which of course looks adorable (I once would like to read about someone who blushes and suddenly looks like they have a fever), apologises and they continue their way into the garage, while bickering a bit [quarrels and lovers and such]. Of course, Glady is even cuter when she is angry than when she is blushing.

Anyway, red-hairs makes fun of Gladys for being a Samaritan, Gladys tells him not to ask her for help and then make fun of her [which is a quite reasonable request, in my opinion] and that she tried to move to the C-Block, but somehow can never get a flat there, because obviously, she wasn’t good enough to live with “his people”. Finally, she ends with:

“(…) So don’t show up at eleven at night, break my door, expect me to drop everything and come with you, then make snide remarks about my lifestyle, okay, Cherry?”
At last, something he maybe had the moral high ground on! “Don’t call me Cherry.”
“Well, you haven’t told me your name, fuckduck, so what choice do I have?”
“Fuckduck?” he cried, delighted. [I don’t know, if I would be delighted if somebody called me fuckduck, but I really like that insult. At least as much as asspanda.]

And then we leave the chapter as they get into the car and provide us with this important information:

“We’re just too trendy, aren’t we? I had, like, four Gladyses in my class –”
“And there were two in mine, and you’re probably the thirtieth Jasper I’ve met in the last year.” [Who cares?]


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