Savage Scavenge (MaryJanice Davidson in Charming the Snake) – Chapter One

We get a setting again at the start of Chapter One:

Minneapolis, Minnesota
8:35 a.m.


We can probably still assume that it’s Summer 2072, but you never know.

Dr. Gladys Loder is just eating her breakfast, when she hears the news about Jamie’s engagement with Mitch. She knows Jamie (we can probably safely assume that she is the one person Jamie thought about to invite as it’s highly unlikely that Jamie knows more than one female doctor) and is astounded that she’s planning a honeymoon in Europe (or probably Mitch is):

Gladys raised her eyebrows until she thought they’d fall off her head. [That really is pretty high.] European honeymoon? Jamie Day? That blue-haired, sticky-fingered, sharp-tongued mute? [Which one of these adjectives disqualifies her from going to Europe?] The girl was an absolute magnet for trouble; Gladys had lost track of the number of times she’d set an arm or leg for the charming crook. [As a European, I feel affronted that it’s obviously assumed that Europe is so much more dangerous that somebody, who’s a magnet for trouble, can’t go there, but only survive in the US. And by the way, we hear that thing the other way round here…]


Gladys wonders if Mitch knows that Jamie has special gifts. I’m starting to assume here that mute is not mute in the sense of can’t speak anymore, or else this wouldn’t make sense at all. How could he not know if his girlfriend didn’t speak. On the other hand, she does speak, so that’s probably how he’d not notice.

I’m confused.

Be that as it may, Gladys decides it’s none of her business and wonders if they will try to have a baby. [Which totally is her business.]

That’s chapter one. Yes, it’s short, but that’s not my fault. Told ya – less than 40 pages, prologue and 11 chapters.


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