Charming the Snake (MaryJanice Davidson, Melissa Schroeder, Camille Anthony)

The book is available here. This is not a recommendation. 

The Description by the Publishers

The Good Girls: Dr. Gladys Loder. Brown hair, brown eyes, skinny, tall-as ordinary as they come. Liberty Wainwright. An extraterrestrial archaeologist who lives by the rules. Chastity Tilson. Privileged, beautiful, fiercely independent. The Bad Boys: Jaz Scavenge. Red hair so dark it’s almost purple, eyes a lighter shade-cherry cough drop red, to be exact. Brady St. James. Ebony hair, cobalt eyes-a man called the Saint, though he is anything but. Darian “Dare the Devil” Acer. Deeply tanned, dark of hair and eye-the ultimate in masculine perfection. Charming the Snake: Good girls, bad boys, sinners and saints-it takes a special passion to charm the snake. Gladys and Jaz, Libby and Brady, Chassy and Dare. Three clashing couples, three laugh-out-loud lusty futuristic erotic romances from: New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author MaryJanice Davidson and introducing Camille Anthony and Melissa Schroeder.  

Just a small sidenote

If you write a SciFi Romance short story, don’t call your main character Chastity. Please.
And why is it always good girls and bad boys? Couldn’t we turn the cliché around, at least once in three stories?
And “it takes a special passion to charm the snake”? Are we talking Freud here?


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  1. […] her father [Again, does she want to attack the father or help him?] would devastate Chastity [oh, here we go… this is even worse than Liberty. Seriously, couldn’t Liana be the main character?], and she […]

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