In the Running (Dee Lloyd) – Conclusion

This book, a mixture of Sister Act and Misery, with a little Harlequin on top, has a lot to go for it, if you like your books predictable, written in bad prose, sometimes downright stupid and based on a plot that stretches the term “believable” till you can wrap it round the world. Twice. Not to forget that it has a main character, who completely defies any feminist idea by pretending to be independent, while all the time doing exactly what she is told by the men around her.

Open Questions:

What happens to Bronwyn? Will she go and live happily ever after with Gus? Or with Ryan? Or with somebody else entirely? Or with nobody?
Why didn’t we ever get to see Ryan? Or why did we get to hear about him at all?
Will Pete’s hip be okay?
How the hell did Reenie’s foto get on the GEL newsletter?
Who fought that GEL was a good acronym?
What did Gran say to all of this?

Eternal Truths Learned:

Don’t marry the guy your grandmother picked for you.
If your boyfriend cheats on you and kills your boss, get into a car crash, jump the bones of the guy, who almost killed you in the accident, but then saved you of course and marry him (timeframe for this: 3 weeks).
If you have a car accident, take the person you badly injured home, instead of to a doctor and you will meet the love of your life.

As usual, you’re very welcom to add to this list in the comment section.

If you have any suggestions for the next book (right now, I’m drawing a blank), please let me know! (Comment or e-mail, both will be read.)


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