In the Running (Dee Lloyd) – Epilogue

So, everything, surprisingly, ended well and without anyone being shot (which really was a surprise for me).

It’s Thanksgiving. Reenie and Matt are on the Sailing Solution, somewhere exotic and nice, a place they discovered during their honeymoon, celebrating their first anniversary. The sun is shining. And they give thanks for basically everything, from the boat that almost killed Reenie, to the fiancé, who almost killed Reenie.

“Gus is put out that Walt’s bosses and their FBI cronies got Casen’s criminal charge lowered to manslaughter in return for his testimony against Sal Gerardo and Chang Lu. But, just knowing that he’s been put away for a long time is something to be thankful for.”
They touched glasses again and drank.
“And I’m thankful that business is booming and your new waterside cafe was a hit this summer.” Matt drained his glass.

Matt notices that Reenie didn’t drink all of her glass.

“It’s delicious, but I don’t think alcohol is a good idea right now.” The happiness she was feeling was effervescent enough.
Matt’s dark eyes met hers for a second. She watched the joy dawn in them. [Because happiness is never perfect, when you’re only a couple. You need to get children, too… look, I love children, I plan on having some myself, but if somebody doesn’t want to have children, that’s perfectly fine. And if the time isn’t right and you postpone it, that’s perfectly fine as well. Nobody says that you have to give up contraceptives with your wedding vows. And I don’t think that the timing is perfect when you just opened your own café. But, okay, she’s pregnant. Congratulations!]

Because Reenie isn’t really sure yet, they start working on a back-up (yeah, that’s one euphemism for they fuck their brains out).

The End


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