In the Running (Dee Lloyd) – Chapter Eighteen

Obvioulsly, Reenie and Matt go on Ms. Lloyd’s nerves as much as they go on mine, because in Chapter Eighteen, she takes a break from them and we get a glimpse of Jon’s world. Of course, he stands in front of the mirror, because evil people are vain, and evil politicians even more so.

He hadn’t made mistakes. [Well, almost. He just let his fiancée watch him kill someone and then get away.] The positive force that powered his course from one success to another had faltered for an instant. That momentary lapse had cost him Danny and involved him in this frustrating search for Maura. Sal was upset. But old Glad still thought the sun shone out of his posterior. [He’s evil, for crying out loud. I’m sure he says ass!]Poor old girl thought he was her ticket to the governor’s mansion. She still had an amazing amount of influence, but she’d just about served her purpose. The governor’s office! What a joke. There was a lot more money floating around some of the big boards and commissions. And he was going to get some of it.

The night before, Gran Glad remembered that Maura’s father had left her the cabin. She told Jon so and he had sent Wilson there, on a hunch that even if Maura hadn’t showed up yet, she surely would at some point. So, Wilson’s waiting there.

Ten minutes later, Maura Irene Taylor Fitzpatrick was delivered to him – not on a platter, but in the bundles of Good Earth League monthly newsletters that had arrived in the office to be distributed. Almost filling the front page were two photographs. One was the studio photo of Maura that had been circulating for two weeks. The other was a smaller one of a laughing dark- haired woman who purported to be Reenie Kelly. They were the same woman. [And nobody noticed but him? What about Bronwyn? She must have given Tommy’s foto (at least, I’m assuming it’s Tommy’s foto) to the newsletter people. Who else would do it?]

Jon calls Wilson in triumph. Maura can’t know about the foto, because the newsletter hasn’t been distributed yet. Wilson tells him about the cabin and the lake, which is small, but big enough to dump a body in.

“Good!” Things were going his way. He’d find out what Maura had done with the pictures and files Danny had threatened him with [How, if he’s just going to kill her? And has it ever occurred to him that she might have talked to other people about it?], make sure no one else knew about it, and be done with the whole mess. He could proceed with the life he was meant to have. “No screwing up this time, Wilson.” If he had anyone else he could trust with this job, he’d get rid of Wilson. Any idiot knew Danny’s body should have been weighted down so that it would never float. [Then he probably should have done it himself.] “This time it has to look like suicide. Poor Maura is so depressed and anxious. She needs to end it all,” Jon explained. [If you make it look like suicide, why dump her body in the lake?]

He explains to Wilson what he should do: Send the new bodyguard Vince to look around, as Maura won’t recognise him and then pick him up at the airport. Because this time, Jon will make sure that everything works out just perfect.

All Jon would have left to deal with, after tonight, was the fading grand dame of Michigan politics. And he wouldn’t need her much longer. [Does this mean he’s going to kill her as well? God, how evil!] Yes, his plans made, Jon was in a much better frame of mind.


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