In the Running (Dee Lloyd) – Chapter Seventeen

The promise of the night spent together, and probably their last night spent together lets Matt speed and they arrive at the marina in no time.

He left the Jeep abandoned rather than parked at the bottom of the exterior stairs, not bothering to close his door [because that would really have taken a very long time] and pulling Reenie after him as he ran up the steps. He fumbled a bit unlocking the apartment door, but at last, he got it open. [Why not do it in the car, if they’re that frantic?]
She hurled herself into his arms and pulled the tail of his knit shirt out of his jeans. She needed his smooth, hot flesh against her. He yanked the shirt up over his head, did the same with her sweater, then, in one swift movement, divested himself of everything else he was wearing. [Divested himself of what he was wearing? Puh-lease…]
“Reenie…Reenie,” he repeated over and over, covering her face and neck with kisses, as he pushed her jeans and panties down past her hips. “I need you now.” [What for?]
Not quite sure why he was so frantic to bury himself inside her tonight, he hauled her back into his arms. [Where did she go to? I mean, wasn’t she just in his arms and now, he has to haul her back? It seems like there’s something missing here.] Reenie seemed to be possessed by the same demon. She kicked off her shoes, stepped out of the jeans that had slid down around her ankles, then wrapped her legs around his waist.
He didn’t waste time or energy speaking but picked her up [why does he have to pick her up? Isn’t sh already wrapped around him? How much more picked up can you get?] and carried her to the couch. They sank down together. His tongue plunged [I think you know what I think about plunging tongues by now…] into her mouth as if tasting her again was essential to his survival. Perhaps it was. [Maybe he has a special kind of diabetes, where he has to taste her tart sweetness or his blood sugar will drop to a life threatening level.]
Their coming together was quick but cataclysmic in its intensity. [I just asked Merriam-Webster again, because I thought that maybe I got the word wrong, but no, cataclysmic is not a good thing.] At the very moment Reenie cried out his name, Matt exploded inside her. He felt as if the heat and the momentum of their passion had caught his soul, fused it with Reenie’s, then whirled their united essences like a tornado on a new and totally unpredictable path. [Sorry, what? Is that supposed to tell me something? I mean, apart from the fact that analogies gone wrong can be hilarious.] Reenie collapsed against his chest.

[Notice how they went from detailing every colour of every condom they used and now they went to not using any at all? That’s just plain irresponsible.]

Reenie, bedazzled from her orgasm [Of course, crying out his name means that she’s had an orgasm. There’s no such thing as no orgasm or no orgasm at the same time in wonderland], tells Matt that she loves him and then leads him to the bedroom.

Stunned by her revelation, like a man in a trance, he went with her. [Surprise, the woman who can’t keep her fingers from you and looks at you with big, wet cow’s eyes all the time is actually in love with you. Whoaaah…] He didn’t know if the emotion that he was drowning in was love, but he did know that Reenie belonged to him now. [He’s marked her, like a tomcat marks his territory. The tomcat doesn’t love the territory, but it’s his.] And, heaven help anyone who tried to take her away from him. [He’s so fucking possessive. It would really get on my nerves, I can tell you that.]

The next morning, Reenie walks over to the house to bake the things for the GEL bake sale. On the way over, she thinks about Matt. [How else could it be? She’s as obsessive as he’s possessive.]

He hadn’t told her he loved her in words, but there had been love in the tenderness of his lingering caresses when he’d wakened her a little while ago. [*headdesk* That’s how disappointment and self-delusion starts. “No, he didn’t say he loved me, but I could see it in his eyes. I know, it is true!”]

She starts baking until Tommy barges in, taking a photo of her with the camera he got for his birthday the other day.

Bronwyn, Pete and Tommy pack the baked goods and are off. Reenie returns to Matt, who is on the phone with Walt. He’s just telling him about Bronwyn’s revelation from the last night. Walt warns them about some people working for Gerardo, who have been seen in the vicinity and he says that they got another call from Sandra Field. He asks Reenie to hide herself better.

“No one but Matt’s family has seen me in days,” she retorted. [Except for all the people at Tommy’s birthday party the day before. Oh, bygones.]
“I wish Bronwyn hadn’t caught on. She’s been one of Jon’s strongest GEL supporters. [And isn’t it good that he loses his support?] At least, I’m the person she’d probably contact if she were going to call. What did you find in the files, Matt?”
“I located one of the bank accounts this morning. In the Grand Cayman Royal Bank. That was what the Gran C.R.B. [What a seriously fucked way to abbreviate that, don’t you think. But then, they wouldn’t have thought of Gran first…] referred to. Apparently, Casen stayed at the Hilton there from the second to the fourth of October with Lucy Spadafore under the name of Glenlivet.”
“Yes-s,” Walt said. “And niece Lucy is Sal Gerardo’s secretary. Maybe we’ve got a line on something here. Oh, I cleared up another one of the memos last night. I took Norma Renton out to dinner.”
“Jon’s Norma Renton?” Reenie asked. [Do you know any other? What a stupid question!]
“The ‘new’ phone number on one of the notes was hers. After a couple of mega martinis, she made it clear she was extremely upset about your engagement. She thought she had the inside track with Jon. She made some references to ‘the chances she’d taken for him’ and ‘promises he’d made.’ I think we could convince her to make a deal and testify about his skimming of the GEL contributions.”

Matt asks Walt if he can organise the GEL books, so Matt could have a look at them. [I’m wondering right now… if it was so easy to get the books, why didn’t Walt ask for them before. He’s in the IRS for Pete’s sake, there’s got to be someone, who can check books there. Why did he have to wait for Matt to come along and safe the day with his Super Accounting Skills(TM)?]

Anyway, Saturday goes by, without Reenie leaving or Matt going to the much announced class reunion of his. Instead, he stares into the computer. Sunday goes by in much the same way, only that the class reunion was never scheduled to be then [and surprisingly, Sandra Field doesn’t call to ask where Matt has been].

On Monday, Reenie still didn’t leave, although she decided on Friday that she would leave on Saturday. But I guess, decisions not made by Matt are not worth to stick to.
Finally, on Monday afternoon, Matt breaks free from the computer and suggests they go out to get some air.

“I’ve almost got him.” There was a grim smile on Matt’s lean face. “This morning, I correlated the last of the figures that Walt sent me with a file in Jon’s laptop. I can prove that only a small fraction of the money that was supposed to go into starting the Shanghai harbor cleanup ever got there. And that several construction companies GEL deals with regularly have never existed. Walt was right. Casen is not particularly clever, just devious. The trail he left was followable.”
He scowled at the computer. “Another few hours should put the last nails in Casen’s coffin. No,” he said, shaking his head regretfully. “My eyes won’t take another minute of staring at that screen this afternoon. And there’s no point in getting Walt’s people mobilized until I get one last data file from Ryan. That will verify the location Jon’s shell company does its banking.”

So, they will be able to arrest Jon the next day. But first, a walk, which they start by getting into the car. [Why not start walking?]
They drive for a while until Reenie notices that they are close to her father’s cabin and she asks Matt to drive there. They don’t drive up to the house, because Reenie fears that they won’t be able to turn as no one’s been up there for a pretty long time.

Matt parked the Jeep in the large clearing where the road came to an abrupt end. He took a deep breath of fresh air.
“Yes!” he said, letting it out slowly. He took Reenie’s hand as they began the short walk back to the white boulders.
“Smell that air!” [I guess it’s pretty hard NOT to smell the air. Especially since Matt just took such a deep breath.] Reenie cried, inhaling deeply. “Mmm, someone in the area has a fire on. There’s nothing like the smell of wood smoke on a fall day.” [Oh yeah, burn… burn everything…]

Matt suddenly realises that he doesn’t know a lot about Reenie. Surprising as this is, since they’ve known each other two weeks already, he decides to do something about that. So she tells him that she likes to ski and to fish. Matt mentions that he would love to fish with her the next spring.

“You figure you’ll still be here in the spring?”
The question was asked casually, but her quick glance told him that the answer mattered to her. He must have told her he planned to stay on at the marina. Of course, he hadn’t promised.
This was the kind of moment he usually felt as if silken tentacles [not linen, silken!] were winding themselves around his neck. (…) The prospect of looking at a future with Reenie was anything but suffocating. (…) Matt had always believed he moved on from one challenge to another. Maybe Pete was right about him. Maybe he’d been moving away from the last one.
“Can’t see why I wouldn’t be here,” he replied, as if he hadn’t just had an unpleasant revelation about himself.

They continue up the pathway, when Matt notices that someone drove up there a short while ago. They head into the woods and carefully make their way to the cabin.

Reenie was horrified to see a faint plume of smoke rising from the fireplace chimney. And the large, dark blue sedan with heavy chrome trim that was parked in the center of the clearing was all too familiar. Wilson had found the cabin.

They run back to the car.

“Don’t close your door.” Matt’s whisper was low but his order crisp. [Why? A couple of minutes earlier they closed the door and nobody heard or cared. And suddenly it’s a problem?]
He started the engine, eased the machine onto the road, and drove at an excruciatingly slow speed until he figured they were out of earshot of the cabin. [Isn’t it much weirder if you hear a car drive by really slowly, than hearing it drive by at normal speed? And he started it already, so if Wilson doesn’t hear the car starting, chances are he doesn’t hear them driving either.]

They make their escape and drive back to the marina.

He looked over at her. His lips were pressed so tightly together that they looked bloodless. They both knew they had run out of time. [It’s good that they ran out of time now and not, say, five days before, when they didn’t have a clue about Jon’s money laundering.]
“Hold on, sweetheart,” he muttered, glancing again at the rear vision mirror. “They’re not following us. We’ll be home in a few minutes. And now we know where they are.” [Which helps how?]


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