In the Running (Dee Lloyd) – Chapter Twelve

Okay, so Maura/Reenie thinks that Matt betrayed her by calling Ryan and has another hysterical fit.

He’d had enough. This hot-tempered, sexy woman had been driving him crazy for the better part of a week. Trying to function normally in a state of constant semi-arousal was next to impossible. [But millions of teenage boys do it… well, at least functioning almost normally.] Being understanding and supportive was getting him nowhere. He wanted to shake her for doubting him, then he wanted to make love to her until his frustrations and her fears and mistrust melted away. [Welcome to another installment of How Not To Use Sex. This week’s topic: Problem Solving and Punishment.]

Before they can really have a fight or resolve any issues, here comes the SEX.

Reenie’s steady gaze was as hot and angry as his own. Matt released her shoulders and cupped her stormy face with his hands before kissing her hard. He intended only to show her that he meant what he said, [he said, summarising in my own words: “Trust me, I’m not your grandmother.” (A variation of the ever so popular Red Riding Hood Theme.) I guess by kissing her, he could prove that he’s not her gran, probably. Depends on how close they are… But however would that prove that she could trust him?] but her soft lips parted under the onslaught of his tongue and he was lost.
He pulled her tight and rolled his hips against her abdomen to show her the state she had him in. [What state? Has she broken his hips? Why not just say that he has an erection? Or if you want it cruder: that he has a boner.]
Reenie moaned and suddenly took control of the kiss. Her tongue plunged into his mouth, danced around his [Just a sec. It plunged into his mouth, seemingly of its own accord and then danced around his mouth? This sounds like some weird ritual: I jump in the fire and then I dance around it to prove that I’m a man… Btw., doesn’t she have any other vocabulary to describe a kiss than plunge and dance?] and stroked the inside of his cheeks. She sucked and nibbled at his lips as if she couldn’t get enough of the taste of him, all the while whispering over and over, “…Matt… I.. do.” [Trust you, that is to say. Even though she was just convinced that he betrayed her and he hasn’t said anything to defend himself, all of a sudden, she trusts him. Because he has a boner, I bet.]
While his hands roamed [roamed? really? She must be bigger than I thought.] her slender back and her buttocks, Reenie managed to unbutton his shirt [very hard to do] do [sic] some exploring of her own. Her murmur of appreciation as she stroked the muscles of his chest [murmur of appreciation? A murmur of appreciation is when a crowd hears a speaker talk and they agree with her but don’t want to shout it out. It is not what you do when you see a man’s upper body. Even though some upper bodies would deserve it.] did his ego good. He was thankful for the long summer days of lifting motors and launching watercraft that had whipped his body back into shape. Her fingers followed the narrow line of fine black hair that bisected his stomach down into his jeans. [Oh, I love treasure trails…] She struggled with the stiff button. [Buttons are so hard… Well, at least something is stiff, seeing as Matt is only in a state (of what? Constant denial?)]
Matt ripped off his shirt and threw it to the floor. [For Pete’s sake, she already unbuttoned his shirt, why does he need to rip it off?]
Matt pushed her dressing gown off her arms onto the floor and drank in the marvel of her unclothed body. She was satiny smooth and perfectly proportioned. Her breasts were round and up-tilted, her waist trim, her hips just rounded enough to be womanly, and her legs were unexpectedly long and slim. [Of course. Because having a woman with short legs or too broad hips fucking with a guy would be so gross. We don’t need to read that.]

He carries her to her bedroom to ravish her. [WTF? Is ravishing really a good thing? I mean, it does come from the same root as rape and it does mean the same thing as rape. But obviously, it’s a good thing for them… Well, I guess as long as they agree on it…]
Anyway, it’s a good thing Bronwyn sent the colourful condoms with her care package.
Well, judging by Maura/Reenie’s reaction when Matt puts on a condom, there’s a good reason his penis is never mentioned:

Reenie giggled.
“Don’t look at it,” he ordered [WHAT? I mean, I’d probably tell her not to look at my dick as well (if I had one) when her first reaction was to laugh about it… but that is just plain weird…] as he donned the garish Glowing Pink latex condom. [Oh, that’s why… Ms Lloyd is trying to be funny… a guy wearing pink, ha ha, a guy wearing a pink condom, ha ha freaking ha…]
“Please, Matt.” Reenie pulled him closer and squirmed beneath him, as he positioned himself at the entrance to her warm, wet center. [Which center? hmm… I’m betting it’s the Center for Religious Studies.]
“This isn’t going to last very long,” he warned her. [At least, she knows what to expect now.]
Her answer was to wrap her legs around his waist. With one thrust he entered her. [God, she must really need a good fuck, if a bit of kissing and nipple sucking gets her this wet.] He lay still, savoring the heat of her tight sheath [if she really is that tight, the one-thrust-entrance must have hurt. A lot.] as long he could, but his urgent need compelled his body to begin the instinctive, rhythmic thrusting that has always bound a man to his mate. [What? It’s the thrusting that binds two people together? Then why all the outrage with homosexual marriage? I bet they thrust as well.] As if she had been created for him, she matched his rhythm and his passion. [Because you can only do that if you’re created for each other. Hence the binding factor of the thrusting.]
“Matt,” she breathed as she went limp under him. “Oh, my!” [She goes limp and not he? Interesting…]
He rolled them over so that they lay, still joined, [It’s good that he isn’t limp yet. Because not having a boner, but wearing a condom inside her could get really messy.] with Reenie on top of him, her head under his chin.

Matt shortly contemplates if he could get addicted to Maura/Reenie. A short period of time later (it isn’t mentioned how long but it can’t be more than a few minutes), they start all over again. He must be superman. Heck, if I, as a woman, just came from having an orgasm, I wouldn’t be ready yet.

“Would you like to see if we can make an Electric Blue last a lot longer than the Glowing Pink did?” He grinned in fond reminiscence. [Reminiscence? It’s only been a couple of minutes.] “I have a serious need to get acquainted with every inch of your body.”
“Mmmm,” she said, leaning over to kiss his other nipple. “Yes, please. But Glowing Pink is a hard act to follow.”
They both winced at the unintentional pun. [I wince at the bad jokes.]

Well, after Glowing Pink and Electric Blue, they finish the night with Positively Purple. When she wakes the next morning, she wriggles his bottom at him, but then gets self conscious.

His expanse of bare chest reminded her of her unclothed state. [For Pete’s sake… You just spend a solid night fucking with this guy and now you realise that you’re naked and it bothers you? Why?] 

No morning session for our love birds, though. Instead, they both take a shower. Alone. While Maura/Reenie gets clean again (pun intended), Matt calls Ryan. Because obviously, sex solves all trust issues. Ryan tells him that he called him because the IRS were checking Matt out and Ryan wanted to warn him.  Then Matt asks him if he could check out Walt Ames, Danny DiMarco and Jon Casen. Ryan promises to get back to him ASAP.

After that, Matt thinks about Maura/Reenie some more and wonders for the first time what she had been doing in the street they had the accident. When she steps out of the shower, he asks her and she tells him about her father’s cabin (I guess, we get to see it at some point in the story…).

When they are ready, Maura/Reenie heads over to Pete and her daily duties and Matt starts to work on the papers, rather unsuccessfully though.

Matt spent most of the frustrating day trying to work his way through the rest the envelope. The prize, as far as evidence was concerned, was a receipt from a Montreal bank for a fifty thousand dollar Canadian treasury bill in the name of J.P.Casen. T-bills were popular for being easy to buy and sell and for being virtually anonymous. [How can they be anonymous if there’s your name on them? Doesn’t that defeat the whole system?]
The most intriguing item was a large cheque made out to Good Earth League that had been endorsed by Jon. Matt imagined that it had been awaiting deposit in one of the bank accounts when the Fitzpatrick robbery took place. The question was where Casen had intended to deposit it.
The other items were meaningless to him. There were lists of names and initials – some of them crossed off; hodgepodges of numbers – some of them crossed off; some handwritten notes containing single letters and phone numbers; and one in aggressively rounded feminine handwriting which read “Glenlivet 2-4 Hilt 923.” It had a postscript “Gran C. R. B. 132488220915” and was signed with a flamboyant L. He hoped Reenie might have a clue what any of that meant.

He brings the stuff back to the safe of the Sailing Solution and returns just as Ryan calls again. Unfortunately, Ryan, who returned to the office on Sunday to check out the things, didn’t find anything either. But he can tell Matt that they just found Danny DiMarco’s body in Lake Michigan.

Ryan promises to dig some more until he comes by on Thanksgiving. Ryan tells Matt to give Bronwyn his regards.

Ryan’s persistent pursuit of his older sister bewildered Matt. It seemed to bewilder Bronwyn, too. Ryan was Matt’s age, for God’s sake. [Oh my goodness! A younger guy in pursuit of an older woman! SCANDAL!!!]

Maura/Reenie comes back from her day with Pete, knowing about Danny’s death. We get a short glimpse of Maura/Reenie’s day, with Pete pouring out his heart about Matt.

“Mattias [Again, everybody seems to call him Matt, but then, suddenly, somebody says Mattias. You don’t usually do that, do you? If you are used to refer to one person in one way, you don’t go around and refer to them differently all of a sudden.] and I have never seen eye to eye,” he told her, out of a clear blue sky [which clear blue sky? If it’s a clear blue sky, there obviously have to be more of them than just one. Anyway, don’t you usually say “out of the blue”?], when she brought his mid-morning muffin and cup of tea out to him. “When the children were small, I worked almost every hour there was to get this marina up and running. Matt was the same age as Tommy is now when his mother died. None of us suspected she had a heart defect until she had the miscarriage that killed her. I pretty much fell apart and Bronwyn looked after Matt. She’s only five years older but she’s always mothered him.”

The conclusion of it all is that Matt is a guy with a short attention span, who can’t stay in one place for a long time. Maura/Reenie guessed something like that, but tried to ignore it. Now she can’t anymore.

Right now, she told herself she didn’t care that he was a man with a short attention span. She needed everything he was, for however long they had together. [That’s the best thing in this book so far. Enjoy what you have while you have it and worry about later later.]

Maura/Reenie asks him if he was successful and suggests taking a look at the papers, see if she can find something he couldn’t. Matt agrees with her, but puts it off to tomorrow.

Her lips were parted and waiting when he kissed her. The first gentle touch of his tongue on her lower lip sent tingles everywhere. It slid slowly into her mouth bringing the flavor of chocolate and coffee and sinfully delicious man. [The flavour of what? ? ? I mean, a man tasting like chocolate, coffee and sinfully delicious sounds really good, but just not feasible. Unless he was the cousin of the Gingerbread Man, Espresso Brownie Man.]  The rising warmth and stirring of need deep in her body felt so right, it seemed as if she’d been making love with him all her life.
“We’d better move while we can,” he growled. Then he lifted her feet off the floor and, still holding her tight against him as if he’d never let her go, her temporary man [that sounds like a gigolo, doesn’t it?] carried her to the bedroom.


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