In the Running (Dee Lloyd) – Chapter Eleven

The next chapter starts with Maura/Reenie and Matt discussing the idea of him moving in some more. She doesn’t want to lie to his family, even though he obviously doesn’t have a problem with it, but sees no alternative.

Telling Matt had been risky enough. She couldn’t count on the rest of his family believing that Gran was so determined to hold on to her dream that she’d buy Jon’s version of Reenie’s mental health over the evidence of her own experience. [Why not? Matt believes her. The family knows her and not her Gran. I don’t know about you, but personally, I’m always more inclined to believe people I know. Especially when they seem mostly sane.]

But as for having no ulterior motives and doing it all for Maura/Reenie’s good, Matt fools you. [If he did fool you at all.]

Matt wasn’t sure where their relationship was heading, but he was certain the attraction they both felt wasn’t going to fade away any time soon. As soon as Reenie admitted that, he was going to make her forget she’d ever felt anything for Jon Casen.

But Matt decided something else, as well: They should find out if Danny was really dead. [Finally somebody thinks of that.] Maura/Reenie tells Matt that Wilson Foster will be running the place as Danny’s not there, dead or not, and she tells him a bit about Wilson.

“Wilson and I never got along. He’s too full of himself. He’s tall, in his mid-forties, works out with weights, thinks he’s God’s gift to women. Can be brutally sarcastic. Is that the kind of thing you mean?” [Oh, he’s sarcastic? Then he must be a bad guy… Ever notice that in the movies and books around? If somebody uses sarcasm, they’re usually not the hero…]

Matt calls the Lodge to speak to him, posing as a reporter. Maura/Reenie obviously thought that Matt would just call and say, “Hi, I’m Matt. I’m harbouring Maura here at my place and we wondered if Danny DiMarco really was dead or if it was save for her to come home.” Because that’s her reaction after the call:

“Have you lost your mind?” Reenie exploded. “What’s the point of all this smoke and mirrors?” [o_O]
“I’m sure Wilson is calling Casen this instant to tell him another pack of media hounds is going to be on their tails. This time it’s the tabloids. That should make them a bit more cautious about their actions. But I don’t think DiMarco’s alive. Wilson is too nervous.” [And you would know that, although you have never talked to Wilson before, nervous or not. What if he’s chronically nervous?]

Anyway, Matt decides to call his old friend Ryan and see if he’s got anything in the files (of the agency database, I’m sure).
And with that, Maura/Reenie makes another round of breakfast, this time for Pete. Why, isn’t she the perfect little housewife?

Matt tells his dad (aka Pete) that he’s moving in with Reenie. His dad reacts like someone who has never been in touch with the real world. [“He said I was finally showing some good judgment and not to let you get away.” No “are you sure this is a good idea? You’ve only known her for a couple of days!” Just a “It’s great that you move in with that random woman you picked off of the street.”] But then again, being a fictional character, he probably really never had any contact with the real world.

Later, Gus, Wyn and Wyn’s son Tommy show up. Maura/Reenie gets introduced.

“Hi, Tommy.”
He put a grimy hand in hers. “I’m seven.” [Okay, I know kids are usually really proud of their age, but they don’t introduce themselves with it normally, do they?]

Then he’s out again to play with the dogs. Pete promises Bronwyn to help with the GEL phone thingummy and she leaves for work. Gus and Matt start unloading Pete’s stuff and Maura/Reenie keeps herself busy, cooking, looking out for Tommy and staying out of Gus’s way.

At dinner, they start talking about Maura’s disappearance again. Before they can start a lengthy discussion though, Matt suggests that he and Maura/Reenie leave the place and go “home” to the apartment. Where they start their own discussion about the topic.

“I wish I knew how heavily that bastard has involved her [Gran] in his illegal business.”
So she was trying to protect her grandmother, too. [What a surprise. She is family after all, isn’t she?]

Matt tells her that he wants to contact Ryan to get some more info through the agency. Maura/Reenie doesn’t react to happy, so he tells her they would make this decision in the morning. She lets herself be played like that, of course. Because she’s so indomitable.

He gave her a quick kiss and walked briskly towards the second bedroom before he gave in to the fierce temptation to really complicate their lives. [I don’t see how it would get more complicated. They are attracted to each other and one can suspect that they are also in love. Sex doesn’t complicate things. Being in love does.] 

Before completely setting in, Matt has to go back to the boathouse though. [Probably to say good night to the Sailing Solution.] Because he wants to work on the papers and he had left them there for safekeeping. He tells Maura/Reenie, who in turn says that she wants to take a shower.

Bronwyn had left her a Care package.

The box contained a couple of Bronwyn’s tee shirts, a sweat suit, and a thoughtful collection of feminine products, hand cream, bath oil, and shampoo. [Didn’t she just buy all that the other day? Oh no, wait, she bought only the essentials. Like moisturiser. I guess, shampoo is not an essential.] In another box inside the carton, Reenie discovered gold sandals [really? Gold?], a white nylon [really? Nylon?] nightie and a large, white terry cloth robe. Underneath them all, was an embarrassingly large box of condoms of assorted vivid colors. They made the little package Reenie had thought was daring in Manitowoc look tame. [Better safe than sorry, right? What’s the deal about buying condoms anyway, past a certain age?] 

After she’s finished showering, the phone in Matt’s room rings. Realising that he must still be with the boat (kissing a boat good night takes a long time…), Maura/Reenie answers. It could be Pete, who needed help!

But it isn’t. Instead, it is Ryan Bergstrom, Matt’s friend. And Maura/Reenie is so disappointed that Matt would betray her and call him anyway, although she said she didn’t want him to. She takes the message that he should call Ryan back, when Matt returns.

She was just replacing the receiver when Matt walked in. He stopped in his tracks when he saw her. It wasn’t hard to read his reaction at finding her in his room, barefoot, fresh out of the shower, in a hastily donned bathrobe. The heat in his gaze warmed her damp flesh as it slowly moved over her body. [Do you think he has laser eyes, like superman?] The air between them pulsed with electricity. [Or maybe he’s an X-men, whose power is electricity.]
“Reenie?” he said, a wondering smile softening his lips.
She took half a step towards him, then remembered that he had betrayed her. [It’s always good not to check the facts or both sides of the story? Who cares what the truth is, when you can be so wonderfully indignant?] She jerked at the knotted belt of her robe, pulling it more tightly around her waist.
“Ryan Bergstrom returned your call,” she said through tight lips.

Thus ends Chapter Eleven, leaving us to wonder why Matt’s friends call him and how embarassing their making up will be for Maura/Reenie and if Chapter Twelve will bring us the SEX or if we have to wait a little longer.


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