In the Running (Dee Lloyd) – Conclusion

This book, a mixture of Sister Act and Misery, with a little Harlequin on top, has a lot to go for it, if you like your books predictable, written in bad prose, sometimes downright stupid and based on a plot that stretches the term “believable” till you can wrap it round the world. Twice. Not to forget that it has a main character, who completely defies any feminist idea by pretending to be independent, while all the time doing exactly what she is told by the men around her.

Open Questions:

What happens to Bronwyn? Will she go and live happily ever after with Gus? Or with Ryan? Or with somebody else entirely? Or with nobody?
Why didn’t we ever get to see Ryan? Or why did we get to hear about him at all?
Will Pete’s hip be okay?
How the hell did Reenie’s foto get on the GEL newsletter?
Who fought that GEL was a good acronym?
What did Gran say to all of this?

Eternal Truths Learned:

Don’t marry the guy your grandmother picked for you.
If your boyfriend cheats on you and kills your boss, get into a car crash, jump the bones of the guy, who almost killed you in the accident, but then saved you of course and marry him (timeframe for this: 3 weeks).
If you have a car accident, take the person you badly injured home, instead of to a doctor and you will meet the love of your life.

As usual, you’re very welcom to add to this list in the comment section.

If you have any suggestions for the next book (right now, I’m drawing a blank), please let me know! (Comment or e-mail, both will be read.)


In the Running (Dee Lloyd) – Epilogue

So, everything, surprisingly, ended well and without anyone being shot (which really was a surprise for me).

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In the Running (Dee Lloyd) – Chapter Twenty

The last chapter left me with the impression that Reenie had run off. I was wrong. I actually assumed that Reenie would wake up through the shooting, barking and screaming going on outside. But she didn’t and therefore, she had been kidnapped.
She wakes up in her cabin, tied to her bed and Jon’s cologne in her nose.

What had happened? She remembered Matt entering the room where she was sleeping as the first grey streaks of dawn were penetrating the blackness of the night. No. That was wrong. Her brain was so fuzzy. She’d assumed it was Matt at first. But he’d stood there instead of coming to bed. She’d started to ask him what the matter was when she’d caught a glint of light off the slim needle of the syringe in his hand.
Then she’d seen his face. [So, she’s close enough to recognise some glimmering thing in his hand as a syringe, but not close enough to see who it is?] That flash of recognition was the last thing she remembered. Wilson Foster had somehow got past Gus. Had he killed Gus? And what had happened to Matt?

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In the Running (Dee Lloyd) – Chapter Nineteen

On their way home after discovering Wilson at the cabin, Matt tries to calm Reenie.

“I’ll call Walt and make sure his people pick up Wilson and whoever he has with him at the same time as they pounce on Casen and Gerardo,” Matt assured her. “By this time tomorrow, sweetheart, it will be all over.”
The last words echoed hollowly in his ears. He had tried not to wonder what Reenie was going to do when it was all over. He did know that he wasn’t going to allow what they had together to end with the arrest of Jon Casen. [Even if she wanted it to end? Hypothetically, I mean.] She couldn’t possibly believe he thought this was a temporary fling. Could she? When she’d confessed her love, he’d been so overwhelmed that he hadn’t been capable of uttering a word in reply. But she must know he loved her. [Well, yes, because she’s able to read his mind. Just like all women are mind readers.]
My God! He did. [Duh…]

But Matt decides not to tell her right away that he loves her but to wait till the whole Jon Casen thing was over and done with.

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In the Running (Dee Lloyd) – Chapter Eighteen

Obvioulsly, Reenie and Matt go on Ms. Lloyd’s nerves as much as they go on mine, because in Chapter Eighteen, she takes a break from them and we get a glimpse of Jon’s world. Of course, he stands in front of the mirror, because evil people are vain, and evil politicians even more so.

He hadn’t made mistakes. [Well, almost. He just let his fiancée watch him kill someone and then get away.] The positive force that powered his course from one success to another had faltered for an instant. That momentary lapse had cost him Danny and involved him in this frustrating search for Maura. Sal was upset. But old Glad still thought the sun shone out of his posterior. [He’s evil, for crying out loud. I’m sure he says ass!]Poor old girl thought he was her ticket to the governor’s mansion. She still had an amazing amount of influence, but she’d just about served her purpose. The governor’s office! What a joke. There was a lot more money floating around some of the big boards and commissions. And he was going to get some of it.

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In the Running (Dee Lloyd) – Chapter Seventeen

The promise of the night spent together, and probably their last night spent together lets Matt speed and they arrive at the marina in no time.

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In the Running (Dee Lloyd) – Chapter Sixteen

That evening, Matt and Reenie have dinner together, talking about Gus and Tommy’s birthday party the next day. Matt spend his day in front of the computer, and now enjoys the food and Reenie’s presence.

Matt bit into a juicy pecan tart. “Mmmm,” he said, with an appreciative grin as he licked a bit of flaky pastry off his lower lip. “These are terrific.”
The man was sinfully attractive. [What’s so attractive about a man, who gets crumbs all over him? Not that it doesn’t happen to me, too, but I wouldn’t see it as an attractive trait of mine.]
“I made them for Tommy’s party tomorrow afternoon,” she said, wishing she could forget everything else, climb onto his lap and share the sweetness of the tart with him. [Her often mentioned tart sweetness or the pecan tart’s?]

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