In the Running (Dee Lloyd) – Chapter Seven

It’s been a while since I posted, I hope you still remember what’s going on… If not, here’s the short version:

Maura sees her fiancé Jon kill her boss and does the only sensible thing: She runs away. Unfortunately, shortly after she gets into a car accident through which she meets Matt and becomes Reenie for him, not revealing her true identity. Matt, not being completely stupid, notices something is wrong, but being not completely bright either, he doesn’t connect the dots between Reenie and the missing Maura, who is all over the news. Maura/Reenie stays at his place for a while, there’s sexual tension and Matt’s father wants to employ her as his personal assistant. Matt’s sister Bronwyn is politically active and therefore in touch with Jon’s right hand Walter Ames.
It is crucial for Maura/Reenie not to be recognised, so catastrophe seems on it’s way when Bronwyn comes home with Walter Ames in tow.

Ok, so that’s where we stand. Unfortunately, Ms. Lloyd took six chapters to tell you all of this, so we’re at chapter seven now.

Right. Getting started.

Maura/Reenie hears Walter’s voice and must look like shit. Matt notices and, although he doesn’t know exactly why she would react that way, tries to get her out of the door before Walter comes in. Unfortunately, he fails.
Bronwyn introduces Walter and Maura/Reenie.

His cool, hazel eyes swept over her casually, then zeroed in, for an uncomfortable moment, on her eyes. Walt’s smile stiffened. Had he recognized her or was he simply surprised by her bruised and battered face?

It doesn’t seem like he recognised her, as he goes about business as usual, shaking hands and exchanging pleasanteries.
Finally, Matt takes Maura/Reenie and leaves with her to take a look at the apartment, where she will be staying as long as she takes care of Pete. They step outside and Maura/Reenie starts pondering about her relationship with Matt.

It was too bad she’d never know how their relationship might have developed under normal circumstances. She’d never experienced anything like Matt’s kiss. If he hadn’t had the sense to pull away from her, who knows where it could have led? [I’m guessing it would have led to sex. But it probably would have led them to the Milky Way. I’m not sure.]

 The apartment is over the shop [remember, Matt works with/on boats] and Matt takes her first to the shop to show her something.

At the far end of the room, Matt stopped beside a large sailboat.
“Well,” he said, beaming. “There she is!”
The smooth mahogany hull must have been close to forty feet long. Sitting up in the air as it did, the boat looked massive. In the water, her lines would be low and sleek.
“Oh, Matt,” she breathed. “She’s magnificent. Will you sail her on the lake, or take her outside?” [Those two really found each other. There are really not many people, who would get so excited about a boat that they can only breathe and not talk.]
“Outside?” He raised his eyebrows. “You’re a sailor?”
Maura laughed. “Never in anything this big. A friend of mine who’s married to a marine engineer on a freighter refers to his ocean voyages as working ‘on the outside.’ To him, the Great Lakes are ‘inside.’ Kind of tame.”
The sensuality in the way Matt’s hands absently caressed the smooth wood made the laugh die in her throat. [Oh, give me a break… I mean, this gives the phrase “whatever floats your boat” a whole new meaning.]

They talk a bit about sailing and Maura/Reenie almost tells Matt that her parents died in a sailing accident. Before she does, she abruptly changes the subject and leaves. They finally reach the apartment.

Maura/Reenie feels at home right away there. They decide that she will move in tomorrow. After this is settled, Matt starts questioning her again. She’s tempted to tell him everything, but fears that Jon’s involvement with Sal Gerardo (the Mafia type, who was on a photo with Jon) runs deeper than she thought. She tells him that she has problems with her ex-fiancé, who has a lot of connections and doesn’t want to get him involved. Matt thinks he is already involved.

“Do you honestly believe I’m not already involved?” The word “involved” echoed ominously in his head. But it was true. Until Reenie was safe from whatever menace she was running from, he was not moving from her side. [Why? She tells him that she doesn’t want his help. He thinks that she’s indomitable and a free spirit (still snickering about that). So, why not let her be?]
“I’ll be leaving in two weeks,” Lord, but she was stubborn. “You’ll never see me again. They’ll never know you had anything to do with me.”
She gave him one last pleading look. “Please give it a rest, Matt.”
“For now,” he said, cradling her face between his hands and lowering his head to take her mouth. [Take it where?] If she wouldn’t give him the facts, he would do some digging of his own. [In her mouth?]
Her soft lips parted. When he stroked her full lower lip with his tongue, she moaned softly and met his tongue with hers. The taste of her tart sweetness [her what?] confirmed what he had already feared. [That he has diabetes?] He wasn’t going to get Reenie out of his system any time soon. [Because she tastes like tarts?] The embers that they had banked a few hours ago burst into flame. [Let the motherf*ckers burn, burn, motherf*cker, burn.] As their tongues plunged and danced [WTF? I’m just trying to picture this kiss in my head and it’s not a pretty sight. Really not. So not… ewwww… I shouldn’t have done that.], he pulled her tight against him.

Quickly, things spin out of control. But Matt pulls the brake.

He had to slow down. Reenie deserved better than the fast wild coupling his libido was hurtling them towards. [Why? I don’t mean that Reenie doesn’t deserve good sex, but actually, this does sound like good sex.] 

For some very weird reason, Reenie apologises. I don’t get it. Why would she do that? They kiss, he stops, she apologises??? Anyway, Matt tells her, what I would tell her. Don’t. Then he tells her what I wouldn’t tell her:

“Don’t!” Matt placed his index finger softly on her lips. “Don’t say that. You just aren’t ready for the next step.” [How would he know? Isn’t that Maura/Reenies decision? I mean, if Matt isn’t ready for it, it’s one thing, but he telling her that she isn’t ready, is pretty preposterous.]
“I wish,” she whispered. “I wish things were different.”
“They will be,” he said. “We will make love, you know. [This sounds more like a threat than a promise.] Long, slow, mind-bending love. When the time is right.” [People always make things so complicated. Who says they can’t have fast animal sex and “Long, slow, mind-bending love”? And who says, when the time is right? I mean, they both want it and they both want it now and they are alone, so what’s not good about that timing? *sigh*]

Well, they see that Walter’s car is gone and head back to the house (after Matt takes a time out to get presentable again…).

At the house, Bronwyn is discussing Maura/Reenies employment with her father. She’s afraid that Maura/Reenie is not up for the job and that she was pressured into doing it, but M/R can convince her that that’s not the case.
Matt decides that he will go shopping with Maura/Reenie the next day, as she doesn’t have any clothes or anything else.

They start talking about Jon (aka the ex-fiancé) and suddenly M/R thinks about her granny and if she should call her to tell her that she’s not been kidnapped. But she decides against it, in case her granny will tell Jon everything about it.
Pete says that he doesn’t trust Jon, whereas Bronwyn thinks he’s a good man.
Anyway, they decided together with Walt Ames that they would use the GEL hotline to search for Maura. Walt told them that he and Jon don’t believe in a kidnapping but that Maura had run off because of emotional issues and a drug problem.
Pete seriously doubts that and Matt seems to agree.

Maura watched Matt nod his head in agreement. Would he believe her if she told him how many lies had just been told?


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