In the Running (Dee Lloyd) – Chapter Ten

We left the last chapter with Maura/Reenie realising that Matt knew who she actually was and him banging on her door.

His glittering black eyes boring into hers, Matt raised his hand to her face. Gripping her chin with his thumb and forefinger, he tilted her face first one way, then the other.
“I have to admit you were more spectacular as a blond,” he drawled. “But I do think I like the new hairdo better.”
His voice was so cold she could hear ice particles in it. [Can you actually hear ice particles?]
“And the new name, sweetheart,” he rasped in a bitter mockery of sophistication. “I do like Reenie.” [What sophistication?]
His fingers tightened painfully as he began to lower his hard mouth toward hers. [And it’s usually the women who are accused of using sex as a weapon…]

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In the Running (Dee Lloyd) – Chapter Nine

We’re still in the car on the way back, when we get some more info on Matt’s background.

On his visit home last spring, Bronwyn had taken him aside and set him straight on the situation at the marina. The arthritis in Pete’s hip was making it impossible for him to do the heavy work. Because he refused to admit it and hire the necessary extra help, they were starting to lose business. She told Matt plainly that it was his duty to come home to stay.
He was fed up with chasing dirty money through intricate electronic mazes for the Justice Department. He had enlisted full of idealism and dreams of adventure. However, he hadn’t been with the anti-terrorist squad long when the army discovered his talent with computers and immediately slotted him into a government agency that combated international terrorism by tracking the sources of their funding. [A lot of which came from the US anyway, I’m sure.]

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In the Running (Dee Lloyd) – Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight starts with this observation:

Matt wasn’t surprised that Reenie had avoided him ever since they broke off that superheated kiss in the apartment yesterday afternoon. He’d been feeling a little gun-shy himself.

Gun-shy? What the hell is that supposed to mean in that context? defines it as:

1. frightened by the sound of a gunshot: a gun-shy bird dog.
2. hesitant, wary, or distrustful, esp. because of previous unpleasant experience.

So, either Maura/Reenie shot (at) him or their kiss was unpleasant. Which both wasn’t the case. Or did I miss something?
Maybe we’re entering Urban Dictionary territory:

1. Reluctant to become involved in a relationship, especially a sexual one
2. slow to react sexually

Summarising, Maura/Reenie scared him off sex. Way to go, girl!

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In the Running (Dee Lloyd) – Chapter Seven

It’s been a while since I posted, I hope you still remember what’s going on… If not, here’s the short version:

Maura sees her fiancé Jon kill her boss and does the only sensible thing: She runs away. Unfortunately, shortly after she gets into a car accident through which she meets Matt and becomes Reenie for him, not revealing her true identity. Matt, not being completely stupid, notices something is wrong, but being not completely bright either, he doesn’t connect the dots between Reenie and the missing Maura, who is all over the news. Maura/Reenie stays at his place for a while, there’s sexual tension and Matt’s father wants to employ her as his personal assistant. Matt’s sister Bronwyn is politically active and therefore in touch with Jon’s right hand Walter Ames.
It is crucial for Maura/Reenie not to be recognised, so catastrophe seems on it’s way when Bronwyn comes home with Walter Ames in tow.

Ok, so that’s where we stand. Unfortunately, Ms. Lloyd took six chapters to tell you all of this, so we’re at chapter seven now.

Right. Getting started.

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