In the Running (Dee Lloyd) – Chapter Four

Maura/Reenie is woken the next day by a radio, which tells her about her disappearance and that foul play is suspected. She wonders about what kind of foul play: that she had been killed? that she had killed Danny? Unfortunately she didn’t hear the whole broadcast but she concludes that her Gran informed the police after Maura/Reenie didn’t come home that night.

All Gran’s hopes were riding on Jon. [yes, we know by now, thank you.] She was steering his political career the way she’d hoped to guide her son’s and then her granddaughter’s. Maura took a deep, shuddering breath. Gran was doomed to disappointment again because if it was the last thing she did, she was going to see that Jon never got to hold public office. [High aspirations… She’s not trying to get him into jail, she doesn’t want justice to be served, she doesn’t want to cut of his balls for sleeping around. She just wants Jon not to have a political career.]

She makes her way to the bathroom to inspect her swollen face. Positive thinker that she is, she sees the bruises and the swollen half of her face as the perfect disguise.

The memory of Matt’s unexpectedly attractive smile flashed through her mind. She was glad she was a mess. She really was. [See? The definition of optimistic!]

When she comes out of the bathroom, she sees Matt who makes her breakfast and tells her that Wyn will drop by later. Then he’s off to work.
Maura/Reenie spends her time watching TV and sleeping until Bronwyn comes, cooks lunch and brings the newspaper.

Maura tried to smile back at her, but the smile died on her lips. On the front page was the studio portrait that Gran had insisted be taken for the formal announcement of her engagement to Jon six short weeks ago. Maybe she was lucky after all. [As Aunt Jolesch used to say: God save us from any blessings in disguise.] The flattering photograph made her look prettier than she’d ever been on her best day. [How can a photo make her prettier than she’d ever be? At least in the moment of taking the photo and from that angle she had to be as pretty.] At this moment, she didn’t resemble the confident, smiling woman with the long blond hair at all.
“MISSING,” the caption blared. 
[Do they have talking newspapers now? Like a howler or something?] The article mentioned her grandmother’s wealth and political influence and her fiancé’s high-profile legal career but offered no new information. It did state that Danny DiMarco, owner of Driftwood Lodge, had been unavailable for comment. [That is new information, isn’t it?] Did that mean, in spite of Wilson’s certainty that Danny was dead, he had regained consciousness and was refusing to talk to reporters? It was more likely her talkative boss would never speak to anyone again. [Yeah, because talkative people never, ever shut up. Not even to the press and when it’s rather inappropriate.]

Anyway, Bronwyn comes back with lunch, they turn on the TV to watch soaps and make awkward conversation. Maura/Reenie tries to be as honest as possible about herself but she doesn’t dare asking any questions about Bronwyn so as not to provoke questions about her life. Bronwyn obviously has a son but we don’t know if there’s a boyfriend or husband as well.

Their programme gets interrupted. Jon Casen appears on screen.

“Jon Casen,” the reporter in question confided into her microphone, [talking into a microphone is always a very confidential act] “who made his reputation for hard-hitting litigation in the Love Canal cleanup, made a surprising move this morning. Acting as counsel for the Good Earth League, he has withdrawn the group’s request for an injunction against VitaChemical to stop emissions into the Detroit River.”
“He can’t do that!” Bronwyn exploded. “He told our committee last week he wouldn’t quit until they closed VitaChem down!”
The fluttering wings of panic filled Maura’s chest again.
[Butterflies in stomachs I know, wings of panic in chests… well…]
Now she knew where she’d seen Bronwyn Cooper. They hadn’t met because Maura had been too busy catering the huge Good Earth League conference at the lodge last spring to take part in the sessions. Besides she’d still been resisting the pressure from Gran to accept Jon’s proposal and refusing to attend public functions at his side. But even in that large crowd, she’d noticed Bronwyn’s distinctive height and confident bearing. [Obviously, and amazingly, I was wrong. She knows Bronwyn from somewhere else, not from the photograph. Although, it could be both.]

Well, Jon spread the rumour that Maura/Reenie was kidnapped to ensure that he drops his actions against VitaChem. When he gets asked about the kidnapping he doesn’t comment which enlarges the belief in the story.

Maura/Reenie is shocked. She is sure that he spread that rumour to explain her eventual murder. [If I was Jon I would have probably spread the rumour that she ran off with Danny and therefore getting rid of both missing people.]

Bronwyn notices how pale Maura/Reenie becomes and gets her back to bed. Then she goes to call Matt and inform him about the situation and that she has to organise an emergency meeting of the Good Earth League [Btw, who in their right mind would call their organisation that?], so she can’t stay with Maura/Reenie anymore.

By the time Bronwyn came into the bedroom, Maura had decided several things. First, Bronwyn hadn’t recognized her. Second, she couldn’t think of any place she could keep a lower profile. She could stay here for a few more days. [Because it’s always good to stay with the head (?) of an organisation that directly crosses the plans of your murderous ex-fiancé.]Third, she was going to earn her keep.

And how can a woman earn her keep? Exactly: she starts cooking… And because she’s staying in a house where two men live, there are no ingredients and so it’s really, really hard. [I’m telling you, I’m sure my brother’s kitchen is better equipped than mine. Virtually every kitchen is better equipped than mine. And if I have to cook somewhere and they don’t have many ingredients, I get creative and Maura/Reenie is a cook, for chrissakes. She should know how to be creative with food.]
Anyway. After everything’s done, she lies down for a bit.

Only to be woken by clangs and thumps. She reasons that it has to be Jon who found her already, so she tiptoes to the kitchen (and doesn’t see anybody), grabs a knife and heads towards somewhere with a telephone [is she finally going to call the police?].

Suddenly, she hears cautious footsteps…

Thus ends chapter four. I guess, chapter five starts with her stabbing Matt. But we’ll see.


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