In the Running (Dee Lloyd) – Chapter Three

Jon Casen is at Gran Gladys Fitzpatrick’s place. Gran has called the police which understandably upsets Jon as he just killed a guy.

He’d like to throttle the headstrong old girl for calling the cops last night. He thought she’d bought the story that Maura was just having a jealous tantrum. Of course, he’d been so damned tired he hadn’t read Glad as well as he usually did.

Jon thinks about the night before and how they took care of the situation (Wilson disposed of the body, they went looking for Maura, didn’t find her, Jon hurried back to his apartment at Gran’s and pretended to have been sleeping all along).

Then his thoughts turn to Maura and how she’s not like all the other women who just do as he says (Thank God that there is at least one woman in this world who doesn’t do everything a guy tells her to!).

He couldn’t get her into bed so using sex to control her was out. He simply had to find her fast and get rid of her.
I have a question: How many women out there are actually controlable through sex??? Maybe Jon just needed to give her chocolate? There’s one thing to control someone with!

Well, Jon being cunning and resourceful already made a plan. He spreads some rumours (I don’t know what kind) and feeds Gran a story about how Maura got jealous when a waitress flirted with him (which she has no problems buying because she obviously doesn’t know her grandchild and has forgotten how she herself forced the engagement on Maura) because she is emotionally unstable (there had been a robbery at Gran’s and Maura obviously told Gran to shut up because she was whining about some lost jewellery. Definitely a sign of emotional unstableness.

“Well, probably Maura will come home soon full of apologies for getting you upset,”[Because that’s surely the first thing on Maura’s mind. Even if she was running away because of a sudden onset of jealousy, probably the first thing would be to talk to Jon, not her Gran. Although, I am using pretty rational standards. I’m not sure they apply here.] he soothed. “All we can do now is wait.”[I still don’t know what kind of rumours. Probably that Maura run off with Danny or something.]

Yes, relax while you can, Glad. Things are about to heat up. He wondered if Walt had been able to get the rumors started yet.

Well, Jon’s side of the story is not interesting, so we go right back to Maura.


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