In the Running (Dee Lloyd)

Dee Lloyd is an author of (quote) romantic suspense novels. In the Running is her first novel.

The book, if you really want to buy it, is available here.

The Description

When your world disintegrates, not even waking in the arms of an attractive man helps. Yesterday, Reenie discovered her fiancée [sic] was unfaithful, saw him commit a murder and ran for her life; today, she wrecked her car. This is no time to fall in love. Or is it?

(Taken from here)

Just a Small Sidenote

Notice the climax here: betrayed, her fiancé kills someone, she runs for her life and her car breaks down. Oh my GOD! THE CAR!
Also, fiancée is the female version. And her fiancé is a guy.

Anyway, why call the book In the Running? Why not On the Run? Does everything happens while she’s running? Maybe she’s participating in a marathon.


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