Womb for Rent (Amanda Brian) – Epilogue

Derek turned to watch the fax come across the machine. He lifted the paper from the machine and read the words scrawled in longhand on the page.Wanted: A knight in shining armor to warm my bed and body.
Must like kids, Basset Hounds and Dalmatians. Generous benefits, many perks! P.S. Did I mention the rabbit died, again?
[How many times can a rabbit die? Do they have nine lives like cats? For research purposes, I should probably watch or read Watership Down again.] Apply outside your office door.

Derek jumps up, leaves Jack (you know, Sarah’s saviour) and Anthony who he has a meeting with (concerning Jack’s new Job as a night guard) with the justification that he’s about to be a daddy again. He storms out of the office where Talli is waiting with Tyler and Sarah, who was adopted. There doesn’t seem to be any haste to get to a hospital, so my guess is that he will not be a daddy again right away. Especially, because he’s talking sex again with Talli [In front of the kids… how do you like that?].

“Dada,” Tyler’s tiny voice peeped up.
Talli and Derek froze, turning toward their son in surprise.
“He called me Dada,” Derek exclaimed.
“He talked. Tyler talked, Mommy,” Sarah’s excited voice chimed in.
“Yes sweetie, Dada.” Derek swung Tyler up from the stroller and hugged his little body. Sarah jumped up and down, clapping her hands in delighted glee hearing her little brother speak his first words.
Talli looked at the faces of her son and daughter, then up to the handsome features of her husband. In that instant, she realized life couldn’t get much better than this. All her hopes and dreams had come true. The “miracle of birth” is the tie that binds their lives together, forever.


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