Womb for Rent (Amanda Brian) – Conclusion

Well, it sucks. I guess so much was clear, simply by the fact that it is on this site. It was so bad it didn’t even leave me with this fluffy feeling in the stomach. Romantic films or books usually do, even if they’re only half decent.

We are left with some open questions:

When and how did Anthony and Derek make up?
What kind of business arrangement does Derek have with Jason?
What did Emma and K.C. say to their best friend’s wedding?
How old are they anyway?
What kind of business did Talli want to open up? [In the description in the very first post it says she wanted to have her own training facility for dogs but where did they take that knowledge? It was never mentioned in the book…]

These are just a few that come to my mind right away. Feel free to add to them in the comment section.
I also invite you to leave your own conclusions about it there.

Eternal Truths learned:
Just find a good-looking millionaire, get pregnant by him and everything will work out just fine.

In any case, I’m glad it’s over… Let’s go hunting for the next book. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Ick… well, you can guarantee I won’t be picking this up… *ever*. All the same, it’s good to find a critic around. I was thinking of starting up the same thing, myself.

    Can I suggest something? Pay no mind to it, if not.

    Romance novels are pretty much always the pits. It’s good to find a nice one, but there aren’t many. My point? Hit the big books and pick them apart. I’ll cut right to the chase: The Twilight Saga. The bane of the English language. Well, all right, that’s a bit much. But still; I’d love to read a critic picking apart that disgusting excuse for a book.

    Thank you *so* much for reading through books and critiquing them, chapter by chapter. Seriously, it’s an admirable thing and I’m glad other people are doing it. I’ll be sure to link you. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you, Aermis. And I’m glad that you like it.

    And also thank you for your suggestion, they are always welcome.

    I’m already looking bigger for the next book. (I was thinking along the lines of Mary Janice Davidson.)

    As for the Twilight Saga: I actually like the book. (only read the first one, so far) Yes, it has faults and the language is,,, wéll, I’ve had better. But still. It’s got something. Therefore, I’m afraid you won’t find the books here.

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